Monday, July 10, 2017



careful to the limits and non-limits
up to the end of existence and non-existence
we prefer to step back
just in case
to live usual life not to change anything
we live in illusion of time standing still
but it always brings us nearer to the end
of everything to nothing
and we, for this particle of time
perhaps given to us by a sheer chance
cells jointed together by a strange coincidence
we are afraid to live a life


to Mum

‘cause I know
how to make coffee
how benign is the impact of green
how much washing powder should be used
how to use a dishcloth
and how to clean a bathtub really well
you have taught me
that the Sun wind and grass are priceless
that the family is precious
that upbringing means extreme responsibility
you made me respect each word
and another man
reading bed-time stories
consoling to sleep with lily of the valley scent
walking in the woods
sending me to theatre classes
and the faith that a rainbow comes after every storm
thank You


2 tongues (including one from your own courtyard)
½ pinch of skills
3 quarts of qualifications
2 glasses of education
mix them altogether
leave to cool down
repeat the procedure several times to make it last
4 buckets of willingness
5 spoonfuls of organisation
1/3 cup of responsibility for your own decisions
7 spoons of self-reliance
10 kg of thinking for the future, consequences included in the packet
bake it altogether in a cooker until the colour is perfect
remember the product is often allergic

AGATA LINEK comes from Stalowa Wola. A poet, prose writer, animator of culture, editor of volumes, reviewer of poetry, drama critic, copywriter, Carer of the Poetry at Artefakty Literary Portal. A holder of four degrees at the Jagiellonian University, where she is currently writing her PhD dissertation. A member of the Literary Group „Phoenix”, the Literary Association „Witryna”, the Polish Authors Association and Association of Polish Writers. She has won numerous national and international poetry and prose competitions. She made her debut in 2002. She published in local and nationwide, poetic anthologies and in USA, India, Australia, Slovakia, Ukraine. Her poems were translated into Slovak, English and Russian. They were also presented in the Polish Radio. She published four poetry collections: „Are You an Elf?” (2006, the Award of Rzeszów Association of Polish Writers for Podkarpackie Province Debut), „Laugh of a Night Butterfly” (2010), „Singing of a Dolphin” (2012, nominated to „Gałązka Sosny” Stalowa Wola City Literary Award) and “Whisper of a Puma” (2015, Polish-English version, “Gałązka Sosny” Stalowa Wola City Literary Award, nominated to „Gold Rose” Literary Award and to „Orpheus 2016” K.I. Galczynski’s Poetry Award). She is interested in film and music. She dreams of a trip to Australia. country of origin: Poland mother language: Polish nationality: Polish place of living: Poland

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