Monday, July 10, 2017




She thrust her wish into
A star-shaped capsule
Which she swallowed
With a glass of lemonade

The oozing jasmine scent
Made her feel high;
Unseen fragrant molecules
Floated in the air,
Played with her hair

A tear dropped from nowhere;
Perhaps a broken promise,
A wish fallen from the balance…


The sky has eaten
Its confectioner’s sugar-topped crescent
And all the dark chocolate shards
Sprinkled over the cosmic silver salver…

The gigantic yawning mouth emits white light,
As it swallows quaffs of last night’s white noise,
Ghostly murmur muted for a while

The haze will take some time to be lifted.
I stand on a hoary hill, ponder the perpetual show…


I shall search for you
On polar pinnacles;
I could not freeze further…
I will be draped in white as a bride
Hurdling avalanches,
Sighing your name with blueish lips
And glassy, fixed pupils…

Wait for me for I shall come
Transfixed by our new home!
Love is a curse;
Infatuation is no better nurse!


Once upon a time, the wind fell in love
With a lion’s magnificent mane.
It started running its fingers through
The golden hair and could not abstain…
The wind gave shape to this formidable frame
And the king’s head only grew saner:
Soothed by the wind’s titillating flirt
And leaned to the airy play
Which he by far he preferred to the taming quirt…


She rears roes in her eyes:
Glistening, voluptuous,
Hatching into pure glow…


He often thought of her skin
As squashy aloe,
Floriferous rather than serrated…
The serumal sap, he craves,
But can only palpate,
Separated by the satin skin…


Her fingernails were two naughty kids
His skin could not resist…
Playing hide and seek,
Titillate the epidermis,
Spread the shudder
Across the rapt flesh.
Death can wait;
Cracks are on the moon.

Dr. BOUTHEINA BOUGHNIM LAARIF is a Tunisian Lecturer of English literature. She has published articles which focus on philosophical, aesthetic theories of poetic rhythm, Nietzsche’s theory of the lyric, Heidegger’s philosophy of art and politics, among which, Rhythm Reconsidered: Philippe Lacoue Labarthe’s Musical Poetics of the Subject, published in “Hearts and Minds” electronic journal (2014). She has published her first poetry collection entitled "Fractal Reflections" in 2015. She has also several poems published in the online weekly poetry journal, Dystenium Journal and in the quarterly poetry journal:The Cannon's Mouth and in two poetry anthologies.

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