Monday, July 10, 2017




You came into my life slow and gentle like falling snow,
You wrapped your tendrils around my mind and thoughts
Like ivy on a wall.
You melted my heart with your crooked smile and smiling eyes.

We talked about everything and nothing,
We listened to music and each other’s breathing as we slept,
Your heart beating close to mine as you entwined me
In your loving arms.

Kisses so sweet and deep as to touch my soul.
How I wish for these things forever and ever.
Hard to  keep you close when you are far away.
Hearing your voice on the phone is not the same
As whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

I miss your touch, your voice, your company.
I know it is only human nature to seek others
And not be alone.
I can not bear to think of you holding someone else.

I wanted to always wake up and look into your eyes,
Eyes that showed tenderness and love,
Now that is not possible as we have drifted apart.
Distance making our visits less and less often.

I wish before I die to find a love so pure and true,
That nothing will stand between us,
We will always be together against the worldly
Temptations around us.

Where are you my love?  My life?
Do you exist other than in my dreams?
I want to feel the warmth of your body,
The deep and penetrating feeling of loving you.
Will you come to me soft and slow like the falling snow?


You are the air that I breathe,
You are water to my soul.
Loving you makes me complete,
Loving you makes me whole.

I was once lost and now I am found.
No longer flying solo with you by my side.
We are a match made in Heaven,
We can weather any ride.

Your smile lights up the sky.
Your laughter brings joy to my soul.
Touching you ignites my fire,
Kissing you kindles the flame.

We are such kindred spirits,
In so many ways our beliefs are the same.
You are the air that I breathe,
You are water to my soul.

I can’t for see life without you,
Loving you has made me whole.


I am leaving a single rose on this balcony overlooking
  The Caribbean Sea.
It is a remembrance of what you meant to me.
I did not tell you often enough what was in my heart,
Or any of my secret thoughts.

I never trusted you to be faithful and truly care.
So this rose is a symbol of love,,
A bud opening to a full flower,
Like a child becoming a man,
Maturing then reproducing again.

We sometimes don’t appreciate what is there
  In front of our face,
Unexpectedly events happen in life that take those chances away,
Chances to feel and truly share.

I am leaving a single rose on this balcony for you,
It overlooks the Caribbean Sea,
Our last trip to this romantic place,
My last chance to see your loving face.
Like a note in a bottle floating to shore,
I am sending you this single rose,
It will  remind me forever of you,
And our brief chance to have a love that’s true.
All rights reserved. June 30, 2014


I received Masters of Education Degree from Texas A & M University in Commerce, Texas.  I taught middle school and junior high school Science and English before retiring in 2008. I am currently working as a parole officer for the Texas Department of  Criminal Justice.  I also own and operate Coyote Creek Ranch in Winona, Texas, and specialize in raising black and white homozygous paint horses. Poetry and writing became not only therapy but a way to express feelings and emotions about the natural and imaginary world that surrounds us. Life is a landscape forming a kaleidoscope of life experiences and writing became an excellent way to share my journey while on this earth with others.

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