Monday, July 10, 2017




More boldly alone;
Fewer questions, no glances,
Ducking down,
You're in, I'm out,
You’re out, I'm in.

Everything okay?
I feel good,
It’s all me...
Raise your heart rate,
Have some hawthorn tea...

Larch on the lawn growing with such pride,
Quite recently became fragile and frail,
You supported it when it rocked from side to side...

New moon,
Steamy nights, roses,
High tide, low tide,
And you golden-eyed in a shirt (coloured white).
Under the eyelids most of those events still alive…

Bright gleams get darker,
Evenings get fogged,
Fatigue settled in our eyes.
Sleep well and goodnight.
Wrapped in the scent of flowers
Have a friendly kiss.

Forgive me, let me out,
bless me, then... release.

“Bieguny” by Renata Cygan
Translated by Jerry Umys and Renata Cygan


I stand on the cliff all by myself,
Dressed in marabou feathers like a Muse.
Before me phobias,
Behind me the lot.
I lost all tracks, the senses, and shoes.

In front of my eyes are bent question marks,
And lurking doubts piled up on the floor,
Incomplete dreams and verses half-done,
But tears are still salty - just like before.

I'll hug myself soon in my own arms,
Prone to discover old and new places.
My withered heart will find the way first,
I don't want to have it so lifeless and wasted.

I stand alone here; so touched and freed!
Ash in my mouth, and eyes full of aches,
But I'll be fine soon, all what I need
is to sail through seven sacred lakes.

"Na urwisku" by Renata Cygan
Traslated by Jerry Umys and Renata Cygan


Too many words,
Too many gestures,
Noise drilling holes in my tired head.
Lies elevated on a pedestal,
Whispered at night in cosy bed.

I am losing ground under my feet,
Guidelines and signs are also lost.
Confusion covered with the tears,
Nights are so endless,
Days are short.

I shiver at the tips of hopes,
Like drops of dew in dancing sun.
Used to be strong, but now I’m soft,
So close to feeling that I’m done.

Too much grief, mourning and regrets,
Bad news is coming from the North.
Miracles are not what I get.
Keep silent!
Better say no word!

“Za dużo słów” by Renata Cygan
Translated by Jerry Umys and Renata Cygan


An ordinary man - a slave of fashion,
Draped with style in silks for all occasions,
Bright golden lapels and imitations,
Face masks, fake smiling, rich decorations,
Follows the dancers, swearing and bluffing,
Praying a little (believes in nothing),
Loves all the nonsense, confusing targets.
Veiled eyes and morals hidden in madness...

Floats with the current, always in demands,
Sometimes shines, often ends up in gutter,
Above him blue sky, lovingly flattered,
But he's wallowing in glooms and sorrows,
Doesn't like giving, but gladly borrows.
Work is his whole life - without a glee,
All he fights for is to be set free...

"Zwyczajny człowiek" by Renata Cygan
Translated by Renata Cygan


I am a goldfish, gliding gracefully through water,
Shrouded in a misty tulle, I swim in style,
Interwoven with soft diamond lights, forgotten,
I would frolic with sea anemones for miles.

My fins dance surrounded by gems of desire,
And my gills make sapphire bubbles full of charm.
Hearing whispers, I've been longing for a while,
now I want to take the whole world in my arms.

In this paradise I am snacking on the sweet treats,
All within my mouth, entirely free of charge.
One thing bothers me, (can't feel completely free);
I've got one life and I live it in a tank.

"Ryba-welon" by Renata Cygan
Translated by jerry umys and renata cygan


RENATA CYGAN - born in Poland, has lived in United Kingdom since 1992. Artist, poet, photographer and graphic designer. So far she has published three poetry books, and her poetry has been included in many international anthologies. She is a member of the association of Polish Autors in Warsaw, and the Association of Polish Writers and Artistic Group Kampe in London. Her poems where translated into English, Russian, Italian, Belarussian, Bulgarian. well as writing poetry, she designes book covers and illustrations.

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