Monday, July 10, 2017




Within the twisted roads of life
Some moments make you feel dead
Other moments make you feel alive..
That moon looks near not far
He decorated the sky by holding the lonely star..
With his tenderness he clicked on her heart
He clicked on “restart” to declare her New birth
In his eyes a bright light covers all the dark
Many vivid emotions make him look so smart
Within the twisted roads of life
scattered screams were gathered gently
The moon with his sweet magic
had listened to the lonely star carefully
With the mystery of his silence
Tears and sadness had no more resistance
They declared their departure
while the happiness declared her presence.


Drops of words and oceans of emotions
were put softly in the bag of love..
Beautiful scent was flowing within the details of heart..
The eyes were closed and the face looked above..

The sights were lost between
the arrogant impossibility and the humble possibility
The emotions were lost between
the crazy desire and the severe destiny ..
His shining smiles.. his words...his breaths were there ..
But I feel him inside of me and everywhere..

The bag of love has no size and its weight is not precise
The bag of love carries obstacles, craziness,imossibilty, logic..
The bag of love could carry memories, dreams ..
and its beauty has always its own charm and magic...


I raised my bowed head to your tenderheart
I pursue your wise paths to not feel apart
My tears are flowing in the ocean of silence
But whatever the distance , whatever the difference..
In my heart ...I feel your presence..

Our souls are touching each other
Under the sky of honesty and the rebellion of tranquillity
I call your name in the morning and the eventide
I call it through the blessings of day
And the whispers of night ..

I raised my bowed head to destiny
My words are scattered between the dream and reality
The questions are many ..
But the answers are few ..
Shall we continue our life as one
Or the honest emotional bond
Will be divided into two ...
Shall we continue our life
By keeping the “I” and the “ you”
Or separate them as” the false” and “the true “


NASSIRA NEZZAR , a writer and poetess from Algeria, all my writings have universal topics as Love, peace, racism... I have one novel published (Familiar strangers: a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride) , I  participated in different anthologies that were published also as The other side of the screen, Love is like air, Whispers of Softlay, Women poets Within and Beyond Shores, and other anthology: Metafora Wspołczesności.

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