Monday, July 10, 2017




why do you strip me off naked
can\t you see i bleed
twigs you cut peeled my barks
with an axe chopped my body

all for your own purpose
leave me not to repose
undress me mercilessly
rape and kill me

don't you realize you'll pay the price
famine and hunger linger
erosion barren lands no plants
flooded with hundred waters

nature's wrath on my side
strangled the vein of life
you ugly mean humans
can't you see what miseries

the earth of birth soon vanish
too late to replenish you killed me
heartless cruel souls
soon no more trees to feed you...


in my shack i dream of wondrous life
often watching these graceful steps
on the screen of my neighbor's television
how i wish to dance like them
but i have no means to pursue

and when would that happen
impossible being able to reach
but i pray that my dream comes true
please God give me hope
lead me on the stage of ballet

foolish thoughts occupied my brain
i strongly believe someday i'll find
a way to dance like those young girls
i watch each day....but am from Kibera
no hope no chance to dance

but then a white kind-hearted lady discovered me
dancing on the roadside gracefully
approached me to attend her ballet class
exalted in joy...great euphoria enveloped me
could this be true my dream i follow


the long and winding spiral path
steep stony and dusty so free
treeless mountain ranges
glaciers glinting sun reflecting
cascading through massive rocks

down the valley of apricots
through the onion fields
between placid twin lakes
where wild trouts in abundance
untouched by humans

a legend of Saiful Moluk
once told a beauty that lived
blessed by God of the nature
dwelled amongst the habitat
guarded by Nanga Parbat

shooting the sky so majestic
fortress of mankind so divine
down the dustry trail at the edge
of this might great peak
shall forever standing tall...


EDEN HUNDSDOERFER born and raised in the Philippine.. Now working and living in Germany, is a proud German National as well as a native filipino. She has started writing poetry since 2010 and from then onwards her passion in writing grows day by day. She is a versatile poetess but the nature is her favorite subject. The nature remains the very theme of her poetry! She loves travelling as well, a great part of her life and has learned to appreciate more about humans and the very world. She would like to mention her dear friends Author Susan Joyner Stumpf and Author Deborah Brooks Langford for their great support and guidance!

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