Monday, July 10, 2017




Come rest in my bosom
my orange blossom
your taste's so sweet and bright
Your mood is so light
Give me your sensual delight
Make love to me tonight
Your colour brings me joy
come to me oh cool boy
to refresh making my juices flow
by the feeling down low
Oh this vibrant glow
Orange blossom in the beak of a dove
Hot shades of orange and yellow
turn my cool white so mellow
under the round sun we say "hello"
and become orange jello
marmalade boats carrying a seed
a burst of flavour indeed

© Eyeslikeblues


The sweetest tones
you have chosen from my body
I'm singing from bliss in your touch
You answer to my voice by humming a note
I trust my song in your hands
as I made the typical minor key
you answered to my melancholy in major
cherishing me like the best cure of ballads
I vibrate like a guitar's string
while whole of my body and mind are composing music
Our bodies are in rhythm like African drums
Drums soft like the hills of my belly
We're sighing like hi-hat
The synthesizer of the heart conquers the chest
We're interrupted by the choir of cherubs
telling it's time for the music box
I want to fall asleep with the music you're playing
with the unique sound we're creating
that makes up the best mix

© Eyeslikeblues


Your love
is deeper than a fountain
higher than the highest mountains
sweeter than candy and fruits
wiser than any truth
hotter than the hottest oven
more surprising than an omen
happier than a guru's state of bliss
more poetic than this
stronger than the hardest stone
longer than life alone
more secure than any vaults
more pure than a mortal with faults
more free than the surrounding nature
more ripe than anything mature
more artistic than any bohemian
more fun than any comedian

My love
is more transparent than glass
more educated than a class
more passionate than any mistress
more playful than chess
more colorful than a rainbow
more innocent than a dove
more literal than any action
more explosive than atomic reaction
more chic than any trends
more pleasing than amends
more luxurious than a car
more tempting than a chocolate bar
more fulfilling than a promise
more romantic than a kiss
edgier than any show girl
more streamlined than a whirl
more mysterious than a riddle
more centered than middle

© Eyeslikeblues


Those chocolate eyes
brown body, a door to paradise
Just seeing you awakens attraction
My body is longing for action
What I truly want is your divinity
Deep love lasting for infinity
You bring me closer to the Holy Trinity

He's my wants and needs embodied
my gorgeous high ebony
I want to climb
your every movement I want to mime
under shadow
of my shelter, the crown of your leaves
So that we can enter each other I bow
I want to bathe under your sunny glow
to feel your kiss on my elbow
I caress the crown of your leaves
in this eternity I want to believe

Even when your leaves are fallen
In your roots you're standing tall
Over and over again in love I fall
Your love is big, I'm small
You're my brown love temple
easily your walls don't tremble
in your security I assemble

Your heat is strong like coffee
Smooth and sweet like toffee
You plant in me your ebony seed
The seed multiplies in high speed
Setting love free
Giving birth more trees
Burning trees fuel transformation

You fulfill every expectation
You make me the queen of your nation
Our love is sensual celebration
Relaxation and exhilaration
Fantasies and anticipation
You're my only temptation
My most passionate and loyal relation

© Eyeslikeblues


Our stars are in alignment
for our spiritual assignment
of destiny's fulfillment
as a family made of water and earth
the elements validate each other's worth
The grounded Taurus brings some common sense
to the emotions of Cancer and Pisces intense
There's strong telepathy between the members
Sensitive hearts insults shall remember
All of them signs are loving and tender
A mix of dreams and reality in a blender
Taurus is my broken heart's mender
Deep connection can't surrender
I felt the pain of our little ox
He left us like a gift in the box
The same scars I shared
Inside my heart sympathy I bared
God knows that I truly cared
even with all of the issues and imperfection
I believe in our potential connection

© Eyeslikeblues


ANNE KORHONEN also known as Eyeslikeblues is a Finnish poet and spoken word artist. She was born in Finland and thus her nationality is Finnish, her mother tongue is Finnish and she currently resides in Helsinki, Finland.

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