Monday, July 10, 2017




One little cloud
without sound and fury
floating like  a pink feather
from some gigantic flamingo
suddenly gives way to grey glory:
The roaring rain clouds emerge
and darken the sky-
The blush of the peach disappears.
It starts raining.
The clouds and the rain
evoke nostalgia!
I feel the drops running
down my face, my arms, my back.
The thunder screaming across the sky
becomes a whisper into my ears.
I dance to the tune of falling drops!
The drops enter my very pore
and caress my spirit!
They bring back
the memories of childhood-
Carefree and uncomplicated days!
Writing a wish on a paper
and making a boat with that
little heart in ancipation
of the fulfilment of the wish
while letting it sail away!
My memory is dotted
with colourful boats carrying wishes.
The caravan of colours
brightens my sunset sky-
O the magic of monsoon!
somewhere my soul
opens its wings
and flies into the sky
rain glistening on its wings!


The smells of smoke
and rotting carcasses
pervade the air
and enter my wide nose.
we are Neanderthals-
the dumb brutes with furs and skins
draped over our bodies.
All of us huddle around  fire:
Yesterday the fire
engulfed a woman:
She fell down with a shrill cry
and rolled all over
like a piece of burning log-
Soon the auburn changed into black.
The globe a frigid wilderness
harks back!


My mind surcharged by your advent,
my heart basked in your glory,
my entire being bent beautifully
like a flower to the rain!

Swirling clouds!
Don't be the messenger of love
but make my mind and heart your abode
becoming a perennial source of joy.

I yearn for the ecstatic state
the spiritual drizzle of Kabir Nirvana of Buddha
Wish to drink the milk of paradise
Higher still higher I want to rise!

O, make a descent!
Let the nectar shower
Over my bower,
Onto my plants and flowers.

Without your descent
my ascent a leap into the void
a candle light denied
a sailer assailed by the sea vast and profound
Lost in the waves never to be found.


DR. RANJANA SHARAN A poet, author, critic and doctorate in English Literature, Ranjana Sharan is a professor, Deptt. of English at S.B. City College, Nagpur.  She is a Research Supervisor RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.  Her Poems, Short Stories, Research Papers have been widely published in reputed Dailies, Magazines, Literary Journals at National and International levels.  She has published more than 50 Research Papers in different journals and conference proceedings.  Published 4 Books and has a number of literary awards to her credit. Date of Birth 29th November 1956. Country of Origin. India. Mother Language. Hindi Nationality  Indian. Place of Living Nagpur (Maharashtra). India.

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