Monday, July 10, 2017




Day breaks with its brilliant light
To rthymic movement of people waking
Their sound
Like chattering, chirping birds
Some singing, some squabbling
Some nesting, some flying
But all bustling
The hissing sound of a  braking   bus,
Like a winding snake in rooms of squalor
Freight trains on star studded   journeys
Pulling into sight
Travelers coming and going
To visionary dreams
Church bells ringing
Summon all
To gather and rejoice
In the day that’s come
Let us kneel in gratitude
Let us pray in thankful song
Come one , come  all
To rejoice in this moment
That breathes of Life
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV


I question my sanity
At times laughing to myself
About some long forgotten joke
While at times, sit quietly in melancholy streams
As I cry over a situation I can never change
Thinking was it God’s will
That came to pass
Thinking maybe the hand of fate
 Had to take its share in this charade
A million questions
Without answers
Yet, I tinker in a mass
Of thoughts intertwined
Like cobwebs in my mind
 I tangle and untangle
The threads that bind
My delusional thoughts

I am lost
There is no way out
Of this abyss of not knowing
And wondering what is here
Is this reality?
Maybe I am a thought in
Someone’s world
Invisible without voice or power
Looking in the mirror
I no longer recognize the face
That stares back
I am a lowly being
A speck of dust
That blows in the winds of time
A nuisance in someone’s face
And eyes but necessary for life to take hold
I wonder who looks on
 As I make my way in life and to the great beyond
I wonder if HE smiles at what is happening
Or is HE disheartened at what HE sees

I close my eyes and try to sleep
While thoughts give birth to other thoughts
Spewing into colorful dreams
Dreams so beautiful for my mind to contemplate
Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be a butterfly
© Juanita Garcia Vera
Photograph  Cloudy Moonlight…Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights reserved  “Dreams” 2014


The clouds are dark and heavy
They pour to calm the storm
They fall inciting memories
Of moments long ago
My vision grows so cloudy
To rain a little more
The storm is sweeping slowly
My thoughts to darkest fog
My window draped in sorrow
I think of you once more
I close my eyes to see you
And dream of you once more

All Rights Reserved JGV

JUANITA GARCIA VERA was born in Driscoll, Texas a small farming community in South Texas. In 1960 her mother died leaving an eleven year old Juanita to help raise five siblings. It was during those formative years that ignited a need to care for the sick.  One summer proved pivotal when all her siblings became ill with the Chicken Pox and Measles.  Her younger brother also contracted Meningitis. He was hospitalized for three months and almost lost his life.  It was during this difficult time that she decided to become a nurse. After graduating from high school, she went to nursing school where she received a License for Vocational Nursing. While working full time, she raised four children and earned a Registered Nursing Degree. She has worked in several hospitals in Houston, Texas and is now retired. She has been a nurse for over forty years. Nursing is a calling she holds dear to her heart.  Her passion is writing. She began writing as a child but, after the murder of her son Abel, her writing style is grounded on spiritual awareness and faith.  She credits, her husband and children for saving her life.  Thank you God for the opportunity of  Being. Life Philosophy:  Each moment is a precious and fleeting treasure, Life is beautiful when  we open our Hearts to all the beauty God created for the World- JGV. Lives in Texas USA.  Language Spanish. Mexican American

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