Monday, July 10, 2017




Stuck in the theatre shed
waiting for his death
legs trapped under timber and glass
blood all over the stairs ahead
Director was almost-dead
He feels sorry for his ballerina darling
who will see his body
numb and pallid.
She will shake him once and again:
“Director, my love!”
Director then will be in silent,
morbid pain.
Death is not his concern
but his ballerina darling
abandoned, slim
with nothing left of him.
He wants her to know that
after the argument
on the opening night,
while sleeping outside
under the street lights
only love filled his mind.
Now, death is taking him away
leaving her alone, deserted, stray.
He only hopes
that she can hear
his ghostly words
whispered behind her ears.
My ballerina darling,
don’t waste
all your tears!


Theatre black curtains wide open
Blue lights spot main stage of the Opera House
Orchestra loudly plays first tune of Angel of music
Prima ballerina dances in her dressing room scenario

Audience awaits in suspense silence
Where is the phantom?
The labyrinth underground setting
Calls for him among scary fog and excitement

Beyond the lake song echoes lurid
The phantom grand and mysterious enters the stage
He is stranger than she dreamed
But he is a fool who makes her laugh

On the roof of the Opera House
Phantom and prima ballerina waltz their love
‘Why did you bring me here,’ she wonders
‘You are mine,’ he whispers

FOOTNOTE: ‘Angel of music’ and ‘Beyond the lake’ are famous compositions made for ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ original musical.


Through the bohemian streets of Paris
Where artists paint and sing nothing else but love

Round playful skirt makes waves with the wind
She walks towards the red windmill for love

Red velvet curtains and friendly smiles welcome her in
Dazzling costumes, sequins and feathers announce the dance of love

Jacques Offenbach tunes of the scandalous Cancan begins
Crotch less underpants dancers excite the room with sexual love

She looks around and spots the poet, the one and only
Sitting down looking lonely, searching true love

In a glimpse of contemplation, he smiles at her
The poet and the Cabaret courtesan fall in inciting love

FOOTNOTE: Jacques Offenbach was the French composer of ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ – the music most associated with the famous Cancan dance.


ALESSANDRA SALISBURY is a Brazilian journalist and creative writer. She also has works in theatre as playwright. She lives in Australia where she is studying Bachelor of Arts/Education majoring Theatre Drama, her third graduation. She won third prize with her poem ‘Hummus and Herbs’ about family and heritage, in the 2016 Fusion Festival Poetry Competition at Southern Cross University. Her works has appeared and are forthcoming in the American literary magazines The Borfski Press, Anti-Heroin Chic, and BlogNostics.

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