Monday, July 10, 2017




In the attempt
to keep you whole
I did not realize
that I was falling
into pieces.

In my stubbornness
to protect your heart
mine collapsed into
thousands of fragments.

In the eagerness
of keep a smile
on your lips
mine slowly turned
into a sad grimace.

In my despair I
tried to find my smile
on these cold walls
full of framed memories
but I can not find it.

Completely alone I
found myself now
picking up the fragments
of my broken heart
scattered on the floor.

When I needed you the most
you turned your back on me.
Because of you, I simply
forgot to love myself.

(Initially published on Raven Cage Ezine)


Cold hearts reign
in this unkind world
Empty of sensitivity
But full of criticism
Staring at a screen
Begging for a LIKE
Fake smiles; sexy poses
With a pound of makeup
Don't be afraid
Show you bare face
You are unique
One of a kind
Show this callous world
What is inside your heart
Not inside your clothes
For you are an example
to young girls who follow.

(Initially published on Indiana Voice Journal)


My world teeters
but I will not fall

I'm standing here
tall and proud
No matter what
life throws at me

I'm making my own path
with the stones
that I stumble on

Will not follow the crowd

My dreams could be
scattered by the wind
like pieces of a dandelion

But if I can touch a heart
with my words, if I can
make someone think
twice before they act,
then my work wasn't in vain.

Although I cannot see
the rest of the way,
I keep going, always forward,
stepping strongly, raising dust.

Leaving my mark along the path
Always with my head up
never looking down
Getting up if I fall.

Sowing kindness and love
for if someday I have
to take a step back

I'll never give up
Holding my dream tight,
It won't matter if I
make my hands bleed

My writing is my voice
and it will remain
when I'm gone.

(Initially published on Tuck Magazine)


As the Moon rises and
illuminates the evening sky
it awakens desires of
love from so very far away.
A soulful shooting star
ignites the night while my
heart beats on, I silently cry.
I saw the stellar sight
tonight and I made a wish
I wished for the day that
I will see your beautiful face
hold your hand and
feel your tender kiss.
Perhaps the distance
may separate our bodies
but our love rises together
as two souls in love.

(Initially published on Stanzaic Stylings)


BLANCA ALICIA GARZA is a Poet from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending time writing. Her poems are published in the Poetry Anthologies, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze", and "Dandelions in a Vase of Roses" now available at Blanca's work can be found in  The Poet Community, Whispers, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Raven's Cage Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Review as well as Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1.


  1. I am awed by your first poem "Fragmented Heart", representing someone that would give away the shirt on her back, and giving until it hurts, until you realize the "giving" did not come back to you, and your soul was then emptied. I love "Selfishness" as it represents what lengths people will go to just to inflate their own ego. It's a competetive world. Also, Yes! Your words will go on, they are the wisdom and beauty you give now, and forever will still "be"! Barbara Suen USA

  2. Excellent poems. I especially liked, "Selfishness," as it is about setting an example to follow. Beautiful, all of them.

  3. Blanca Garza comes through again with her best, she was the lead of poet for Dandelion in a Vase of Roses and anthology. Her lead poem resulted in the title of the book.