Monday, July 10, 2017




Beauty gifted Medusa the curse of life-time.
The temple of Athena,
took her to grave.
A death in life-time,
Transformed into a terrible monster
Hairs thickened into hissing snakes,
And a curse,
Her enchanting eyes will turn
gazer to a stone.
Change is irrevocable.
Mirror reflection will turn her to a stone.
The beauty of which she was boastful,
brought downfall.
Was it her mistake that she was bestowed with immense beauty?
Poseidon crushed her fate by
violating her sanctity.
The victim is punished instead of victimizer.
Perseus beheaded her and made her a weapon.
An evil-averting device, on Athena’s shield.
Mother of Pegasus and Chrysaor
Her intertwined snake belt symbolizes fertility.
The supreme talisman,
Symbol of female rage and nihilism.
Her plight was pitiable but none pitied her.
Medusa’s fate betrayed her but
The curse of Medusa made her immortal.
The curse of Medusa made her immortal.


My cuckoo bird sings melodious tunes
Who knows she sings or mourns?
Sometimes she gets scared
of the cage.
I could feel that distress in silence,
I wonder whether her songs express merriment or outpour of pain.
I wish to understand her tunes.
She loves sunshine,
Spreads her wings in cage as if ready to fly,
but all in vain.
She stares the sky every day,
Once I opened the gate of the cage,
She watched me with astonishment,
Spread her wings and rushed out with full speed.
Her flight was unmatchable and extraordinary.
She returned to me and twittered as if saying
I wished her luck, with tears in my eyes
of happiness and distress.
My bird flew to a new world,
The world of Freedom!


Love is like a budding flower of spring.
It walks through the hot ambers of summers,
Sometimes it breaks like an autumnal leaf and
freezes in wintry snow.
But love is love.
It melts all the impurities,
Reshapes itself with time to become the
new blossom of spring.
Love doesn’t signify one season,
It is complete in itself.
Love is eternal.


Dr RASHMI JAIN is an Indian bilingual poet/author/ reviewer who write in English and Hindi (mother language). She lives in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. At present she is working as a Guest Faculty of English at University of Allahabad. Her collection of poems entitled Kaleidoscopic Visions has been published by Authorspress in 2015. Her poems, research papers and reviews are published in reputed journals and magazines like The Criterion, International Journal of Research, Episteme, Setu, Lapis Lazuli, Langlit, Poetic Melodies, Kastoori Kanchan etc.

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