Monday, July 10, 2017




Pilgrims in this journey called Life
Coming from One Source,
One Universe with swirling different worlds
Dancing, in a mass of Infinite Web
One fine day our souls will collide,
When our Higher Selves meet at the epicenter
We all long to follow the Light
The illustrious beauty that never fades,
Of the invisible thread that binds every little thing.
Each one of us is more than just an atom
Which suddenly appeared out of this cosmic journey.
Across the horizon, I see Angels preparing for a banquet
Waiting for our return to our One True Home
Do you want to chase the Light at the end of the tunnel?
Or you would want to go back to the life you once borrowed?
Spirits transcending into another realm,
No pain, no suffering but only eternal happiness remains
I see you smiling in the afterglow,
And it finally dawned on me, I am truly Home.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
May 10, 2017


Dawn is about to set
Here I am still thinking of you
Your shadow vanishing in the moonlit night,
I walked the dark path to realize you’re not there
Were you just an illusion, a dream, or created by pure imagination
All I know is that you possess those pair of eyes that glimmer in the dark
That even if I get lost anywhere in this world, I may find myself again in you,
You’re more than the word Love itself for I cannot simply define how you swept me off my feet
A meager stare from you sets my heart in so much commotion
And hearing you call my name in such an intricate way sets my soul on fire,
Find me again, take my hand and let’s go to the end of the world
There at the tower let us watch the moon while some clouds dance in the background
As the splashing of waves make sounds while we walk by the shoreline barefooted,
Feeling the warm sand beneath our feet with a mild breeze brushing our cheeks
Find me again in another lifetime where we could define this eternal love we share transcending time and space.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright May 17, 2017 7:50 P.M


Sometimes a deafening silence can speak a thousand meanings
Rather than  uttering senseless words covered with rage
Discovery of one’s self and of one’s real calling comes when you are in deep solitude
Modern lives envelope us with fast-paced and hurried day to day grind
Not having enough precious time to stop and reflect on things that truly matter
There is beauty in solitude if we just get to realize how it is vital to truly listen to our hearts
You can ponder on things out of being in solitude or solitary confinement
It is in lovely solitude that you can ponder who you truly are
And what is your ultimate calling or mission in this world
Immerse yourself in deep solitude  for silence should not be threatening at all
Answers to questions which keep us wondering all this time can be found in sincere solitude
Real solitude can be found within the silence of the deep recesses of our hearts
Thoughts that plague your mind consuming your soul
Can be made calm in the beautiful tranquility of your being
So much can be discovered and unraveled
In the beauty of solitude.


ELIZABETH ESGUERRA CASTILLO is a multi-awarded published international author/poet from the Philippines. She is the author of two books: "Seasons of Emotions" (UK) and "Inner Reflections of the Muse" (USA) and a co-author to more than 60 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, Romania, India, and Africa. Elizabeth is a member of PEN International and American Authors Association (AAA).

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  1. Dear Poetess Elizabeth, I was blown away by the beauty of your poems. The first two so full of the longing of an eternal love so deep, I could hear the waves and see that moon you saw. Wow! The poem of "Solitude"... where the answers hide in this "hurry up" world, where our senses are simply overwhelmed. Truly loved your work. Barbara Suen from the USA.