Monday, July 10, 2017




To be in love seems to be so hard and cruel!
You think you are so happy you can exchange
your whole life for a little moment which
allow you to approach your beloved
when bodies and souls become one
your self diffuses in his
you could erase and kill
your whole logic world
nothing matters
your "only
god" rules



I woke up and I had wings on my back.
I started to show them to everyone.
-If You were here, I would show them only to You-
They said "But we remember that you always had wings".
I 'm thinking to fly at last.
Even without you.
Perhaps, at some point, if you want it, you will dare it too.
As far as it concerns me, I'm damn sure now.
I aim to live again.



It is not my style
To show off or praise myself
I just talk to you
Without looking at you cos
This way I feel you 're myself



I love you so much ...
I'm starting to forget why ...
I'm getting old...
I'm getting fat ...
My feeling does not fit with my appearance anymore...
I do not care.
If I could see you once more, I would give you a big hug,
the most tight I could enough I do not hurt you
and then I would go away ...
Because only this has a meaning for me now.
To feel, as long as I am still capable of, that you exist.
I do not know anymore why I love you , my friend.


WHEN ...

When he 'll be able to escape
the wild brake with which
her hollow fear holds his soul,
then perhaps the sensitivities and the insights
which she gave birth in him,
will blossom verbally buds
of celestial harmony ...
Sparsely he tries to fly
but his foot is chained to her plumb,
which however brings him down right away as ,
the more the moments are bright
which bewitched him ,
the worst she entraps him day by day
in the neighborhoods of Erebus
-unintentionally but irrevocably-
since Eros unites lives mercilessly
and the stronger he is,
and the more hungry,
the more desperate and cruel he becomes ...



Open your legs
And let me enter
I die to taste
your salty sea

Open your lips
To feel my passion
I need to see you
Swallowing my fears

Bend on the ground
I feel so burning
Your hair is turning
My mind around

I need you to exist
For me from afar
To shine like bright star
To chase away mist

In fact I'm alone
You're just in my mind
Hidden a dream behind
I live on my own

No danger for you the wear
My touch can not harm
My heart's in alarm
I feel you intact though in despair

I' ll keep you in secret
In my ravenous heart
Not as a mem'ry's dirt
But as my timeless flirt



The ease to love someone
is inversely proportional
to the anxiety of the relevant fatal error'
While the difficulty of disengaging from what you love in time
is proportional to the poisonous routine that enchains you,
but also to the square root of the possible betrayal.



Life is perfect indeed
When I see your eyes
my little jewel
when I feel your heart
life becomes perfect

I just need
to paint with you
to play with you
to walk with you
to talk with you
to sing with you
to laugh with you
nothing matters
when I'm with you

You realize all your spells
my little elf
you touch with your
little magic stick
everything ugly
and you turn it into
a wondrous adventure
into a hopeful possibility

I 'm afraid
with you
Even Death
a faint suspicion

You manage to make me see
through your innocent eyes
through your untouched soul
Life is perfect since I can still
experience it through you



Why do you
hide from me
your face?
Why do you
hide from me
your eyes?
I never understood
why you put me
in such a martyrdom
So many people
can see you
everyday and
I'm deprived of
seeing your glance
you avert your gaze
from me
you do not let me
look at you
my precious
my wonderful
You do not let me
quench my thirst
for your soul
before its source
dries out
before my chances
run out
You let me grieve
weep with no consolation
My whole kingdom
is heartbroken
far before my king
to be defeated
far before my Master
to lose his battle
You are still a winner
in my soul at least
I give you the right
and the strength
to still win
you can still conquer
my heart
but you don't let me
enjoy with you
the triumph
that shines in your eyes
thanks to the
unconditional surrender of
my own Jericho



He experienced the greatest loneliness.
That mysterious loneliness
which someone feels, even though
he lives as flesh among
those who he wishes
to earnestly consort with . Is there
any wider emptiness than the
inability of approach to
the beloved? Yet ...
It happens fatally.
How people might exist
so paradoxically associated
even when parallelously alienated
-almost ambiguously !

(c) ChryssaVelissariou2013


CHRYSSA VELISSARIOU: Professor of Physics, specialized in Space Physics, candidate Doctor in NT Education.  Prized by the Ministry of Education in Greece. Elected in the Municipality of  her hometown. Published in Greek and English in over 20 Anthologies, internet magazines and two personal books. Activist for Peace. World Poetry Canada and International Ambassador to Greece 2014-2016 for Peace. 100TPC and International Beat Poetry events organizer. She has published more than 3000 poems on her blogs. She also writes in French and German.