Monday, July 10, 2017




We are the Children of Time,
our dew drops mirror our World,
crossing the edges of eternal visions
as strings of inception crossing immortal times.

We move along with and through Time,
seeking the effervescence of future tenses
with stardust desires swirling in cymatic impressions
and the interludes opiating all human sensations.

We dance formlessly in holographic sceneries
with rippled reflections and silent similarities
forgetting our punctuations and connotations
only verbing the noun of our own Existence,
endlessly scrolling through the alchemic gravities
as glittering particles of an Ancient sophic apocrypha.

We paint our stories on celestial canvases
with memories of “Being” rather than on “Having”,
all of our emotions can break all the parenthesis
and build empyrean dreams and Life fantasies…

The hourglass reset its seconds for the Children of Time!


Your pastel sunsets incandescently intertwine my velvet dreams,
and my verbs know how to whisper gallantly your prepositions.
I have even learnt to have fluency in your body language,
inhaling your line breaks, structuring the sentence of our Saga…

Staccato notes and runic destines are hovering my peripherals
with cubist twilights, Venusian madness and supernova desires,
passionate crescendos weep in rhapsodic existential reverbs,
dismissing yesterday intangibles…  welcoming today freedoms!

An iridescence craved by seraphim passions and aeonic embraces!
Breathing you… breathing me… in curved celestial impressions
with stellar glimpses of thirty thousand empyreal souls,
mysteries colliding with wonders in shadows of evermore!

This Love! Oh, yes…  this Love! Keeps re-birthing me!
In retro films, silenced streams and harmonic breezes,
out of nothingdom my poem rises up and never ages
steadily reminding you: I was there… before I existed!...


Serenade me with your Silence, where Time
becomes fluid in the tempo of our emotions
and specters of self evolving...

Invite me inside your Story,
make my breath vibrate in colors,
as a climax of two highest notes
marked by the adagio of the purple.

Place me in the space between your Words,
and delicately raise my Punctuation,
where your Love collides with my stanzas
and your name will sound like my Name...

Raise your curve of assonance while my iambs
are ascending, with young couplets and haiku,
so… Time will start counting my Surname.

Kiss me in perfect intervals, when Time and Space
are erotisized, with holographic sceneries
in your eyes, like a frame  within my smile...

Paint my eyelids with violets until I find
our Horizon… turn my Soul into a Metaphor
with white nymphs singing in the holy fields....

Rhyme your Time on the edge of my Soul,
so I can make “Love” a verb tonight,
a free verse with different seasons,
a tale of us on an empty canvas...

Recite my thoughts in dazzling flavors and empty me
on various pages, as if there is no Love to include us both
and no dew drops to mirror our World...

Sing to me in spoken echoes, steal the night beneath my feet…
Let our emotions break the parenthesis and synopsis,
So you know... I have never left..... from you!...

(poem composed on 29th June)


ANCA MIHAELA BRUMA: Educator, lecturer, performance poet, eclectic thinker, mentor with staunch multi-cultural mindset and entrepreneurial attitude, Anca Mihaela Bruma considers herself a global citizen, having lived in four continents. Her eclecticism can be seen in her intertwined studies, she pursued: a Bachelor of Arts (Romania) and a Master of Business Administration (Australia). The author labels her own writings as being “mystically sensual”, a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. She uses poetics as a form of literary education, self-discovery and social.

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