Monday, July 10, 2017




a great blue moon hang on the summer sky
illuminating an image entering an open gate
a garden of lilies and daisies have fallen asleep
by the soft caresses of the morning breeze.

two shadows merged in a locked embrace
hand in hand they strolled along a narrow lane
into a sanctuary, a candle warmly glowed
as flares of passions sparked and burned.

the face of sheer joy rested on her heaving chest
oblivious of the tears welling in her eyes, shut.

resurrecting the throbs of their youthful years
one moment more before their time slip away
stars dissipated. The sun has risen over the hills
echoing the bliss of a nocturnal tryst.
Copyright: 05/02/2016


as the water in a
meandering river
reaches the smallest
it flows into the tiniest
of parched earth,
so does love
as it seeks
the thirsty soul.

for a tiny seed
to push its roots
into dampened soil
it thrives with
the elements
so does mankind
with compassion,
even the hardened
heart flourishes
as meant to be.
Copyright: 09/25/2016


what we seek beyond our imaginations
is that captive spirit waiting to be free
so we endeavor to form our creations
where ideas become tangible reality.

we find our voices to write from the heart
or paint our dreams in earthly colors
to compose music that illuminates our souls
we dance to its tempo as we roam our world.

the free will to create endowed at birth
impulsive at times but boundless
even in stillness there is a desire
that keeps urging us until it is done.

we seek not for perfection or fame
but to liberate our feelings and thoughtsyoung
and to behold our gifts from the divine
to foster peace and love for humanity.

we are led by spirit guides along the way
muses inspire us anytime of the day
we honor the universe with our own creations
their beauty and grace honor us back.
Copyright: 05/06/2017


BENEDICTA QUIAOIT RUIZ has been writing since she was very young. She writes about the events of life, from birth to death and beyond, as part of her creative evolution. She writes in simple terms, so as to be understood well. She shares her works for readers to feel the emotions and for her thoughts to resonates. Coupled with her desire to travel, she plans to continue writing as long as she can during her retirement years.

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