Monday, July 10, 2017




I feel the soft evening blush
Of your breath over my tingling skin
Waiting for rudiments of enchantment
Anticipating the twinkling instant
You will spiral me to open skies as
Though the mouth of the Universe
Has opened with insatiable hunger
To receive our celestial bodies, writhing
In a carnal vortex beyond our control,
Lost to the bosom of naked, jealous stars.

Behind the Emerald pools of your erotic eyes,
A longing lives there I have never before seen ~
For nothing, no one, has ever loved me this much
As your velvet-whispers promise to arouse.
The sun sets over the Western shadows of
Your wild smile as your arms pull me closer
To you, deeper inside the vapors of your
Tantalizing cologne; the potency of your
Embrace breaking over my limp body
Like a beautiful, awakening Horizon,
An ocean wave seeking the depths of me
This ebb and tide of thundering ecstasy ~ ~

And I gladly give up the secrets of my sexual sea
All for thee ~ ~ and ONLY thee . . .
We are a new country expanding in each other’s
Vast heartland, each new moment a discovery
That love was always the muscled-genesis driving
Our Spirit out of mere dream
Into the immaculate divinity of
Immortal creation ~ ~!!!

Copyright ©Susan Joyner-Stumpf


Give me the syntax of your touch
Its psalm, its balm
That I may know of stardust on the
Blood of my tongue
Spun in a wind-grieve
Immersed in a vortex of pleasure
Across broken channels
Find me . . . Find me . . .
Between the white noise of reluctance
Don’t understand me in a lifetime
Know me from the Universe
You’ve tasted love before
How it falls nice upon your waiting lips
Feathering down, a slow-motion kiss
Remember me in the sonnet
Of your heart . . . For I was
Once unwritten till you
Held my emptiness apart
Up to wavering light, so cold
Flickering like pain when
It’s in reset mode
But aching faded
When you took hold
And held me, Soul-to-Soul
Fusing like molten
Lava down the avenue of our fire
Can it end….will it end…?
Never make me just one word;
Or a sentence;
Don’t draw me in a novel.
Never finish me.

Copyright ©Susan Joyner-Stumpf


In theorem we are perfect Octaves
Blended in frequency
Where music sings its semitones and lust
Pitches of praise and sanguine sound waves
Integrals of meandering light
Our fused-electric sting
Vortex particles of dust
Explode . . . Transcend
Up and down the scales of my heart
You play the chords with fingers drawn
Placed so delicate upon my sonata fronds
A shy flower in your impish eyes
I bloom a thousand concerto lives
Dancing upon the on looking throngs
They watch us ascend and descend
And flit like feathers in a sonnet wind
This Soul-unison
Does it matter who’s the singer
Who’s the song
Notes play across the stars
Until they come home
To rest magically inside us
All that was once unwritten
Now belongs
To everyone ~ the universe
…ALL the universe ….sings along

In perfect octave.

Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf


Where would you lay my body down?
Soft snow that drinks my crimson death
Drifts that stroke my quiet pelt
Silvery stillness few have felt
But know the air is less complete
When a shadow dissolves in stolen breath.
Where would you lay my body down?
In the soft murmur of your sorrow?
In hills that bleed my fading howl
We will survive somehow
Someone’s heart will sing
Compassion’s ancient sting
And know all the words to
My dead songs, and
Revive their slaughtered croon.
Where would you lay my body down?
A finger will touch a virgin page
Write a poem of a wolf they knew
That has joined the stars that
No man can swipe askew.
Where would you lay my body down?
If your heart still beats
There is time
There is time
We both can rise from hatred’s grave
And kiss the sanctity of a crescent moon.
Don’t lay my body down.

Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf


your fingers edging across my Soul
roughened crevices as you linger there
contemplating hills and valleys
my essence once your nemesis
are you now willing to accept my scars
or move on to find an open sky to pull me through
so both of us don't submerge together
bad enough one of us has half-way died
bring me back from total devastation
is empathy strong enough to save me?

your fingers edging across my Soul
stop there and feel the bleed of a thousand
ages that wept for you to be there
long before I knew you
there would have been more mountains
now we both look up to assess our climb
hand in hand you lead me into luminescence
its peak . . . never look back long enough to regret
an ascent for which there is no return ~
is brilliance bright enough to save me?

your fingers edging across my Soul
reminds me of birth
I'm re-born again
touch gently this frightened infant in
your willing palm, ready to start over again
walking into love . . .

Copyright ©
SUSAN JOYNER-STUMPF is originally from New Orleans and now calls the Colorado Rockies her home with her husband and menagerie of animal friends.  She has been writing since the age of seven.  It started off as an escape mechanism for Susan, for she was suffering from Childhood Abuse.  After a while, it became a passion, and after 37 published books and still counting, and appearing in over 20 United States AND International Anthologies, the rest is history. Susan started her own Publishing Company two and a half years ago called WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, having made her best friend, Deborah Brooks Langford, as Vice-President and Marketing Director.  Together, Deb and Susan are also starting up their own Live Blog Radio Show on Red River Radio Station called RHYTHM AND MUSE INTERVIEWS.  Also, they’ve extended the services of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS to include a monthly magazine entitled WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS MONTHLY MAGAZINE, which is doing quite well. Susan feels that her writing career, spanning over MORE than half her life span thus far, has been a life-long journey of pleasure and pain into that great Unknown.  She writes to help herself as well as to help others heal.  It is Susan’s humble objective to keep the Arts alive as well as to help her readers find oneness in a driven, stressful world strewn with bits and pieces.She was born in the United States. Her mother language is English. Her Nationality:  Caucasian.  She currently lives in Penrose, Colorado

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  1. Superb masterpieces!Elegance and sophistication are your trademarks!Passionate,creative Poetess/writer Susan Joyner-Stumpf!