Monday, July 10, 2017



at four AM
sorrows bathe
in silence
divided in halves
by a clock

One minute of happiness timidly
walked on by close to me
I did not recognize it
now I will be watching
every second

i don’t understand the killing
even for the price of hope
and dying i don’t understand
in the name of vague freedoms

how much there is to understand
in youthful boldness
and how much of memory of child’s play
in hide and seek
in piggy in the middle

real and comprehendible
is the cold of graves
in tears of those close

history hurts


JOANNA WICHERKIEWICZ was born in 1971 in Mlawa. She spent her childhood in Zuromin. Next, she moved to Olsztyn. Presently, she lives in a picturesque town – Uniejow. A place associated with thermal waters. She is a teacher. Poetry came to her at her birth. She moved from simple rhymes to white poems. Creation is a way for her to wash herself of the dirt of this world, an escape and an attempt to fix the world. Her poems were published in Angora, Dziennik Polski, Tygodnik Cechanowski, Uniejowskie Strony, W Uniejowie. She also published in such magazines as Najlepsze z życia, she had her poems published on poetry web portals such as,, Her poems can also be found in collections: Przed Oczami by Monika Sawicka and Mosty Słów. She published her own book of poems entitled Okruchy Codzienności. Her new book of poems is being prepared for publication.

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