Monday, July 10, 2017




They move  the birds of youth.
Around the nature consents to the conception of the senses of  Baudelair
Crown the moment with tears
Think of your destination in a positive spirit.
You give it the essence.

* Phenomenon of synesthesia: the conception of two different senses (The reference to the term was made by the French poet  Baudelair)


Pilgrimage the loneliness
Prayer is the sorrow.
And you are struggling …
Contracting, dilating
And again from the beginning.
You are dissolving,crashing
Again solid
And the "Ode to  joy" *
Is hanging over the remnants of the world!

* The "Ode to  joy"
was written in 1785 by the German Friedrich Schiller and was recorded by Ludwig Van Beethoven in 1824. In 1972 was adopted as an anthem by the European Council.


I am looking for you.
In the closed shutters of the earth
In the hidden neurons of my mind
Which the mandrake of the time mesmerized
In the holy temples of Xenios Zeus.
You're keeping quite.
You harass as much as our common destiny!

* By this name the God is worshiped as the protector of the family goods


SOFIA SKLEIDA was born in Athens. She studied in the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Athens. She has a MA in Pedagogy and also a PhD in Comparative Pedagogy. Her scientific interests involve Teaching, School Psychology, Special Education, Ancient and New Greek Secretariat. She has worked as a translator in the Embassy of Greece in Italy, in the Greek Community of Rome, as well as to other centers of Greek language, where she taught for several years the Greek in adults as a foreign language. She has also worked the last years in private institutes as a professor of the Italian language and in the Italian School of Athens as professor of the Greek language She has taught the lesson of Judicial Psychology-Psychiatry in the Faculty of Police Officers. She publishes articles in electronic press, the Greek and international Scientific and in reputable scientific journals. Her texts have been published in conference papers and chapters books. She has been awarded for her participation in poetry and literary competitions in Greece and abroad. She recently published her first collection of poem titled Dream of Oasis (which has also been translated and published in Italy)and the Fairy tale entitled  Geometroulides (published in 2016). Under publication her new poetry collection titled Neologisms. He is a regular member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers.

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