Monday, July 10, 2017




Magnetic woman
walking down the street
turning heads,
blowing minds,
blocking  traffic
making hearts beat
for her, some displayed their cars
& offered her rides,
others displayed their
financial muscles and castles,
others couldn’t help singing her praises,
others with their pants down
tempted her expectations to rise!

but when she turned a blind eye on them,
they felt belittled & darted her ears
with insults, blasphemes &
obscene words…
disgusted by their incorrigible heat
by their awful offers unfit,
carried on her way
her head held HIGH
laughing secretly
at their ‘shit’!

wondering about
the frailty of those so–to-speak ‘proud’ lions
at her sight turning into sheep,
about the domestic cats
metamorphosing all of a sudden
into wolves,
about those barking dogs
hungry for her ‘meat’...

she knew she had such power
to have them all under her feet,
but just had pity for those
mere ‘puppets’ with
neither souls nor wit…

Had they perceived the
beating diamond
she’s housing inside,
they would have been
dazzled by its light &
recovered reason and insight,
they would have been ashamed
of the inert diamonds of
their trivial trade,
they would have been
ashamed of being unable
to hit their target
ashamed of reducing themselves
to beasts…


withering roses
pale look
consumed scent
bowing heads
fading color
dry stems
falling petals
shrunken leaves
vanishing beauty
ghostly life...


We're the hook
& the fish
We're the hypnotizers
& the monopolizers
We're the lighters
& the biters
We're the flowers
and the thorns
We're the inflamers
& the tamers
We're the culprits
& the victims

We're the authentic
& the romantic
We're the demanding
& the understanding
We're the accessible
& the untouchable
We're the frivolous
& the serious
We're the actresses
& the filmmakers
We're the dreamers
& the schemers
We're the angels
& the witches

We're your 'breeders'
& your feeders
We're your cushion
& your mattress
We're your headache
& your medicine
We're your pain
& your worthiest gain
We're your body shakers
& your heart-breakers
We're your sea waves
& your caves
We're your killers
& your healers
We're your mind cook
& your Chinese book ...
Among us,
the smart
& the fool
the boring
& the cool
the sweet honey
& the absorber of money
the unbearable nagger
& the devil-dragger
the mind-reader
& the wise leader…
We can be
your dolls,
your balls
or the impenetrable walls
Our clue is praise
to discern your path
in our maze
If you break our hearts,
you're promptly set apart ...

We're the wo-men from A to Z
As our name connotes (wo-men)
you're embedded in us
In our arms you strive to BE
for a short time then FLEE ...


OLFA PHILO (DRID) is a Tunisian writer and poetess. She holds a PhD in American Literature. A former international volleyball player, she is currently an English teacher. Her cause as a poet is to voice the buried emotions and phobias of the oppressed and downtrodden as well as to unmask and expose hidden truths socially considered taboo or shameful. Her poems have appeared in many international anthologies of poetry and in different online and print literary journals  in USA, UK, Canada, India, China,  Philippines, Albania, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Belgium, Iraq and Italy. Some of her poems have been translated into Arabic, Serbian, Chinese, Albanian, Spanish  and Assamese. She has recently created her youtube channel where she uploaded some videos of her recited and illustrated poems.



    Great ... imaginative and with the sound of the collective words ... inspiringly spiritual ...

  2. In my opinion, Olfa is one of the greatest poets to emerge from post-revolution Tunisia. Her poems are candid and straight to the point, and she speaks up not only for the suppressed women of Tunisia, but for the suppressed women of the entire world-wide community of women. Her poetry is alive. It is what she has lived and is living. She is contributing to the meeting of minds and the wholesomeness of hearts.

    1. Always pleased with your uplifting comments dear james.

    2. Olfa....don't always have a treasure of opportunities lying before you....Don't cast away any rugged stones, because therein may be a diamond.