Monday, July 10, 2017



This armchair is my motionless cart.
The curtain behind me is my window's scarf.
The ceiling covers the crown of the sun.
This white hat pats my forehead but shades my eyes.
I am probably lame to leave the armchair and run.
I know where you are.
This armchair is heavy like Noah's ark.
The ceiling isn't leaking but my minds are in floods.
One thing is right.
The world's philosophy is an old wizard but what am I?

Amnesia can never invade your brain.
You don't forget the birds flown away.
 You invite insomnia to paint pale pictures on the yellow paths.
You are a lonely house with the paintings turned into shades.
You can't call the angels back.
They guard you but can't mend a broken chair.
 The angels used to have hands.
 Look at the yellow canvas with the birds' nests.
The birds will come again.
Don't wait for your angels but keep the canvas they left.

My colourful days are not many.
The clouds which cover them are heavy.
This spring rose is a tattoo on my shoulder not to fade.
The faded roses have no numbers like the drops of rains.
I close my eyes to see the plane flying to your place.
I dare to dream though I am glued to my shabby chair.
The rose on my shoulder is a tiny sketch.
The rose in my heart is red and fresh.


ANAHIT ARUSTAMYAN was born in Yerevan, Armenia on May 21, 1963. She went to school at the age of 7. After finishing high school, she started her studies at Yerevan Engineering University. Anahit graduated from the university in 1985. She was so deeply interested in literature that she focused all her attention on poetry. She published through Lulu and Amazon, and her creative works are included in many poetry anthologies and magazines. Anahit’s works include My Wandering Muse, My Lyrical Tongue, and The Phantom’s Dolphin. She also published a print book in Yerevan in 2009. The Queen Of Metaphors was published on August 6, 2015. Her new book ' Words In Flight: The Phantom Of Poetry was published on 26 April,2017.

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