Monday, July 10, 2017




My muse
Never let me free!
Free from all my slavery,
Slavery from all chaos
All struggling spirits are
Against the double standards
Sex discrimination
All false laws
That are wandering here n there
For justice n hearings
When Divine made me beautiful, mentally strong
But emotionally weak and tender
I am not free from the continuous layers of shells or coverings of social disorder against women
That are strong enough to snatch all my freedom
Whether I have wings of liberty or not
To azure in the sky of possibilities
Let me first try to stand
And break all these myths
And then try to fly !!

Varsha Saran @ copyright


I was crying alone!!
Because this
Scar on my face
Is not only a physical cut
But a cut on my soul
It makes me remind
The bitter memories
The continuous pain , I have to face daily
Whenever I wash my face
Or apply make up on it
I can easily hide it
With the layers of make up
This is the cleverness of human beings
But look at this beautiful moon!
It has to shine , with its black scar
Moon is happy but not me
I feel it has a divine virtue to forget the past!
But I can't forget!!
How can I!!
I don't have any divinity to forgive
A fire of guilty
Continuous burning in my soul
that why I loved you!!
and spent my precious moments of life with a lunatics !!
A crazy lover !
Who gave me this scar
On my face !
On my soul!

Varsha Saran@ copyright


I was holding a cup of coffee
And thinking about you

Every hot sip
Was striking something
Some electrical shocks!
Something that is lost
Something that is untrusted
No matter how much i love you!

But you still wandering
Here and there for another body
Not soul
Every thing is material for you

Fumes of my disturbing thoughts
Will take a form of dark black cloud

And will drench me
With its acidic rain

That will only give me
Intolerable pain..
Unstoppable tears...
Ugly blisters...
That always remind me
Your love

That was never LOVE

@ copyright


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