Monday, July 10, 2017




I did not say goodbye to you when I left
but I leave you  a fruition of apple trees
crops I did not pick up in our backyard
not knowing that the snow will fall on my departure.

Instead me will welcome you beautiful scenery crowns
full of bright red apples covered in snow
you who do not believe in miracles in the world
at least one miracle for your eye's nature gives you.

Apples and snow make now yours truly
prior to the scheduled time performed winter
and I left without saying goodbye before the time
tired of words without the response of your deeds.

Apples and snow , crops and ice
Let you remember that everything in life is possible
may be existing  a right time for  all
but for goodbyes and snowy apples
it never did, for sure.


These are all lies, my child
that people are the masters of the world
multiply and turn up your desires
we are just a step higher
on the sunny side of paradise.

Do not listen to these miserable souls
the power they want over- mind
of other people's fears patterns Golden Net
do not see anything of them
nor care of all people to understand.

You are small  like a grain of salt
but inside you sea flowing
if you only sometimes
thinking about the pain of homeland Earth
and the faraway planet,

you will discover a great truth
only beauty is more beautiful than her
and you will take your place
on the round-table
Master of the world.


I can send you bouquets of words
where celebrate your being
I can send you to embrace of happiness
to sadness as soon pass is hopeless

To you uncover a whole New world
imagination as inspired priestesses
you do not want it to be there,
fear is stronger than your care,

while your time spill through your  fingers
and the praises of my crazy imagination

Jewel of my time
I'll go out of your sight
As always vigilant presence

maybe will some other person
with lots of words and little acts
faster and easier enlighten

only one who loves hopeless and insane
can create a brand  New world
where is exist not  too much pain.


TATJANA LONČAREC is a poetess from Zagreb, Croatia. She has published two collections of poems – That the World does not Die (2005) and Crowned Roses (2008). She is an active member of  poetry association "Morning Poetry" Zagreb. Mute Melodist chosen her poem "White Nights" for Poetry anthology Paradox/Oxymoron as the Language of Poetry. Collective collection of poems COM-PEN-DI-UM published May 2016 in the USA where Tatjana Lončarec along with 12 authors from around the world participated with five poems. Realistic Poetry International chosen her poem for Realistic Poetry International Anthology 2016. NavWorks Press' USA, Los Angeles in new book  Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II publiced  her poem Cavalier. 2017.


  1. Poet Tatjana! Impressive metaphoric lines in "Apples and Snow". Fruit fell, red delicious. Unpicked. They sat on the ground covered in ice. Much like a relationship. What might have been, was not. Only ice from one heart. No use in Goodbye's. He got a natures beauty. That's all. I picture a man looking outside the window at his site of red and white...and confusion in his eyes. Wow! Barbara Suen (Poet) USA.

    1. Wow Barbara! You saw strong poetic images and that is my really success! Very happy you like it and very much appreciated it! Sincerely Tatjana