Monday, July 10, 2017




we know the truth and possibilities
I know you have struggled
but the excitement
the rush of the loveof your touchsoul hungry to youlifeeach day a life a soulso rich so full of love.
my mind usher in
maybe closed for good
I just wanted us to laugh
and hold each other
where did you go?
yes the timing is yours
maybe you have gone
maybe one more time
our paths will cross~one more time~

Debbie Langford @


To walk through the ever
to ride the pleasures of life
life's gifts makes us happy
revealing life's secrets
makes us stronger with each step~

Into splendor of mountains I give myself
the coolness of the oceans I lay myself
moments enriched in glory
is our earth of promises
from one continent to another
India to USA
Australia to Mexico
Philippines to Germany
we are filled with warmth of mercy
should remain where it lays
as songs and books are illustrated
of love and hopes and dreams~

Life becomes the tomorrows from the past
the present is ever growing
as our journey is laden
our paths and oaths are chosen
with dignity to lay out its plan
with love so fragile
eyes see the beauty
with invitations to be had
sometimes even more than once before~

This all be said in the heart of the land
and all that is gained and lost
but life is waiting for us
to grab it by the horns and love and laugh
and live our life to the fullest~

We've come this far and no going back
we must take this moment and be happy
rejoice REJOICE I SAY.. Love your land
respect your land and love~

Debbie Langford @


Summer breeze
wine roses, love
youth and lustwhat fun we hadtill the days changedtime became longbut still following close are you~

I only wanted a love to make me whole
without a blink I only wanted you
you followed me all over the world
never to let go~

Now I am lost on this path
time with you is almost gone
demanded from our past
our memories are to strong~

To experience love has been the best
it is the journey we have traveled
the pain each has known
expected what is true
with me and you~


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD is an author and Poetess she has published forty six books You can find her on and Amazon and Barnes And Noble.She is Vice President and Marketing Director with Susan Joyner Stumpf  President and Founder of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS Susan and Deborah have now started their own Wild Fire Publications Magazine. To highlight clients and
comrades that highlight Wild Fire.


  1. Poetess Deborah Brooks Langford, I love the way you break the rules, and put two separate words together. Somehow, it works beautifully. Your talent is amazing. My favorite is "Demanded Life's Past", reminding us to rejoice and laugh with others, to love, and to spread that love out to the world. Barbara Suen