Monday, July 10, 2017




Free myself of isolation chains
all obscurity surrounding my mind
the walls that deny existence
open now the entrances of liberty
let me be a self beyond the curtains
that blinds all light, dampening the spirit,
for a bird is about to die!

I will gladly hide my soft curves
while the fresh air hits my face
with the flavor of danger
the sting of manhood
ruling the world.

*bacha posh –  literally "dressed up as a boy",  refers to a cultural practice in which a daughter is picked  to live and behave as a boy.


garlands of marigolds float over my body,
at the bank of the river an old monkey observes
unperturbed by the shadows of humans seeking
a path to purify their own existence
oblivious to the sadhus chanting early prayers,
i submerge into the waters
an existential trance
seeking the path to inner self
a myriad of pyres lay golden touches
to the holy waters full of scattered ashes
from bodies breaking the cycle of death and rebirth
- now free from all chains of mundane existence-
reaching nirvana or hell...!
visions flow from my eyes
get washed away as earthly echoes,
only to become one with the universe
far beyond i seek the horizon
a carnal hallucination
a quest to survive this enlightenment,
while the faith of the river scorches my flesh
burn it down!
salt the earth!
let this spiral of passion
that renders this woman so unholy
revolve aflame!


life is an infinite whisper
one must dare to grasp
unescapable destiny
written on the walls of time
flowing always towards the wind
to enlighten thy soul
stepping over the ground
- again and ever -
expected passage
to rebuild a dream
begin yet another journey
by walking over own shadows
seeking the light of another horizon
and finally, surrender
nested in the mystery
within a heartbeat
as if nothing else matters,
just the feeling
beneath the skin.


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ is a poet, narrator, editor, translator, cultural manager and advocate from Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island. She has published five poetry books in Spanish (mother language) and English. Is the editor of four international poetry anthologies, two of them are hard cover printed editions; one of the hard cover editions is issued in Spanish. In addition, the author has translated more than 60 poets from different countries. Her poems are also translated to more than ten languages and published in renowned literary magazines and books in China, Bangladesh, Italy, Kazakhstan, Romania and other countries. She received the Kathak Literary Award, Dhaka Poetry Summit, Bangladesh 2017; Shaan -E- Adab (Glory of Literature) Award, Kafla Intercontinental Literature Congress, India 2016; Universal Inspirational Poet Award, Pentasi B Poetry Festival, Ghana 2016. She is Director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and leads the Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights (WM) counting with actions and activism at international level.

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