Monday, July 10, 2017




Emotions free-falling, cascade;
Heart's vascular wall's, barricade.
The haunted spirit, still unbound;
A Soul not lost, yet isn't found.
Touched by others, but never held;
Dreams un-ironed within it's weld.
Nightmares born from a spirit, broken;
A saviour voice of reason, spoken.
Festered fears upon playground's bed;
Sleepless dream's now burning, instead.
Leaps of faith from unknown hope;
Subconscious daydream's skipping rope.
Bookcased memoirs in libraries essentia;
Cloaked mirrors refrain the biggest adventure.
Spined leaves in jackets, encased by back pages;
Existence freed of judged jury's cages.


Mosaic beauty upon a canvased mind -
Abstracts' thought of two;
Spiritually carving an essence defined -
Sculpture's alluring view.
Model charisma, transcendent panoramics -
Chiseled utopia, kissed;
Shapes sexing and molding, sealing ceramics -
Tracing mystiques', blissed.
Embossed lines erect, curves aligning -
Signature beings, weld;
Engraving couplet, trademark entwining -
Crowning bijou, held.
Marbled terra cotta knows statues' Arcadia -
Concrete and clay conceive;
Porcelain angel now lives in Fantasia -
All set in stone make believe.


Worldwide scum-
What have we become?
Teaching the preacher
Reaching pandemic aims,
Cause the under-handed epidemic.
Colour confused-
By the psychotic over-sight.
Patriotic, not, fuse the hue of war-
Gun toted,
At any which way you voted.
In a no-rule world;
The martyr is promoted-
In the death of an unworthy suicide.
Here's the deal-
Colour is lost on a monochrome drone;
Fixing to kill-
At any cost.
Shuffle the deck
Of self respect,
Annihilated by the dealer, disrespecting-
For how can you disprove lies already stamped with an official seal?


Pawn star psyche, taped
Sordid reel, the lie within
Bitter taste, rancid

First meets blissed, core bursts
Spirits' secrets divulging
Sensual beginnings

Mind makes love to soul
Unzipped thoughts, buttons relate
The closeness, enthralls

Carnal abandon
Kissed clitoris mind blow, fucked
Ebb and flow inserts

Duvet exposure
Spooning seven's spider web
Loving releases

Memoirs fast forward
prerecorded broadcast, ripped
Paused lovers' ending

Impaired fragments, cleaved
Outside in's confidant, gone
Inside out, gut wrenched

Boulevard dreams, broke
Existence seen, unheld heart
Realms magnet, undrawn

Scanned hurts unstopping
Journal's visual rewinding
Woman's life played, thee


EMMA JANE DOE is a 34 year old freelance writer and song lyricist. She has one published book of poems, “A New Mourning”. This features the poem, “Horizon”, which is used as the lyric for the published song title of the same name. She currently resides deep in the heart of the Surrey Hills, with a dog.

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