Monday, July 10, 2017




"You need to eat:
You need to be
just like us - in reality
you need your meat"
That's what I was told
- all these things are getting old

But each time I was feeling bad,
like I was doing something wrong:
For each death I was feeling sad
- but I was told - this is just how things belong
So I said that things must change,
because eating meat just seemed so strange

"Eating meat is natural
- we need it to survive..."
But to me animals, too, should stay alive
- even if meat gets cheaper at the mall
With each year going by I learned some more:
By now I know much better than before

Healthier is to eat plant-based
- animals don't need to suffer at all
It just happens when people's minds stay small...
But there is even more to be faced:
Even nature is effected, too,
by each choice of food that's made by you

I could just go on all day,
explaining for all to understand:
This is not like a game to play
- each animal could be a friend
We should understand these beings in whole:
They feel, they live - they have a soul


Can you tell me who you see
the moment that you look at me?
Didn't time make me change a lot
adding characteristics to the ones I’d got?
Am I still the one you used to know
or am I like another person that seems to show?

Is the change more physically
or don't you know me spiritually?
I know that much time has passed
since the time we saw each other last
- that many circumstances are different now,
that we learned lessons that made us grow...

For some reason you seem like before,
when I look at you I feel dragged down to your core…
Though I know there must be some change
I don't see too much that had to rearrange
Even if you change - no matter what you do -
something didn't: I will still be there for you


Is it really so
that you keep you wonder
where I am about to go?
So much that you keep to ponder
if I even remember you?
Let me tell you - yes, I do.

Let me make you see
what my days are like mostly:
I wake up, still sleepy as can be,
a memory in my head - still ghostly
Eyes that I never could forget
that keep haunting me since we met

I keep hoping you're ok
- but there is no guarantee,
so I'm just working through my day,
just doing duty after duty...
If I should have time to rest
my heart often puts me through a test

Because I know you inside,
because I  know I can't be there,
because I like the person that you keep to hide,
because I know that I will always care...
So when I try to sleep at night
I'll dream of you - to be able to sleep tight

No matter where you are
it is you I'm thinking of:
The thought of you is never far
- a bittersweet pain that's known as love
Do you still wonder what I feel?
It is a pain  that only you can heal

Ever since I went away
I wished that I could come back
- even though I wouldn't know what to say,
for there is so much that I lack
I keep sending best wishes your way, too,
simply because I can't help to always think of you


BRITTA HOFFMANN was born 1970 in Germany, she lives close to Bremen. Her mother tongue is german – as is her nationality. She left school in 1989, and got married in 1991. She has 3 daughters. She started to write poetry in 2002.

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