Monday, July 10, 2017




Made me fall in love with you,
Land of my forefathers
Playful streams
Flowering orchards.

Fields scattered in the field of standing -
Forced to dance by the wind
And sheaves that they preach
The glory of the harvest.

My life is not the role
Of wild poppies
But from the hustle and bustle of horns
And large estates.

However, the eyes and the heart
Still run longingly
For these fields, meadows green
Somewhere over the backwater.


But really
I don’t know who I am
View indecision
Continuous query.

Good, evil fears
Fear hypocrisy
Lulling with love.

Sorrow longing,
Fury of hatred
Bad word
Matter unknown.

I do not know who I am,
And what I live for
Why you created me


Where there’s no voice
Where there’s waterfall roars
Where the bird can’t hear
Singing does not spring.

More laughter than tears,
No shouts no calls
Where nothing exists,
Only silence around.
That’s where I'll find you.
Where it may appear
Nothing and no one there
There you are, my God.


Dawn, did I tell you?
That you're the inspiration for poets?
In the glow of morning you awake,
Singing soul and dormant thoughts.

When the cock's crow awakens,
The quiet tweet of a dove
And glistening in the morning dew,
Mixes in with the colour of the rainbow.

Then it becomes poetry,
Joyful, but a little shy
Will dance in the sunrays
The mermaid’s song of flow
Captures what is most beautiful.
Will cover with the net of love
To finally put out from the ink pen
In love with poetry.


Goodness in nature
Not looking for publicity
Very quietly
Is hidden in the heart.
When the thread of love
Is treading a strong step
Not afraid of lies
It’s more aggression than anger.

Like the Indian summer
Twist in heat
The one who will let
And wants to hug.

It's like a heartbeat
In board of love
Although very important -
Often forgotten.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: Polish nationality. Born  May 22 1957 in Świebodzice county Swidnicki.  Educated clothing technician. Assistant editor Journalist, entitled moderator, super commentator corrector. Winner of many poetry contests, The poet of the Year 2015. Awarded by the editors of Journal "Statuette for its activities" in the field of literature in the past five years from 2010 to 2015. Member of the Literary Association "Website" in Stalowa Wola. Member of the Association of Authors Polish Warsaw. Excretes volumes: The first book of poetry "whispering" released in 2014.The second "Fisher of pearls" in 2015 and 2016.Also published the third volume of "Sentenced on the melancholy" .She is co-author of five Anthology, Including two international: "Love Is Like AIR and" Time of Women "She has scored six literary note books. Her poems are translated in to English. The first poems she wrote at age 17, and for several years she has published on the portal,and the Internet, where a crowd of regular readers. Actively participates in the literary workshops and meetings.Twice she participated at the Festival of Patriotic Song and Poetry in Komotini where he took third-place contest for the line "Not today." Participant XV "Jurassic Autumn Poetry" in the Złotym Potoku. She writes, comments and published in the online journal Literary Founder of the group not affiliated Poets "SAFFO" at GBP in Zebrzydowice. She runs a series of meetings with poetry in D.S.S. in Cieszyn. Her poetry was published in the "Voice of Tychyna. and regularly appears in the newsletter"Messages from the Piotrówki" in Zebrzydowice. Country Of Origin Poland. Country Of Origin-Polish. Mother Tongue –Polska. Polish Nationality. Resident –Polska

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