Monday, July 10, 2017




Wanna tell you all,
How I fall and again stand tall.
When did I first fell in love,
Who broke my heart as innocent and pure as a dove.

I wish someone would be there
With whom I could share,
My life's secrets untold,
And one who could write it out bold.

Some tales of joys bring a smile,
With those fond memories I can cross many more miles,
But the ones which still gives agony and pain,
My  bruised heart cannot stand it again.

So I decide never to let my stories go,
I don't want anyone in the world to know.
My mystery remains with me till I depart,
'Coz these stories are now my existing part.


Kiss me with your heart,
Let's make a start,
Unleash life's new phase,
Let yesteryears haze.

Come make love with my mind,
I assure you a replica you will never find.
Caresses and touches which ignite,
A passionate lovemaking which is such a delight.

I wish to bathe in the showers of your loving soul,
As I know it plays the main role
In cleansing and clarifying my spirits,
And giving my life a new lift.

So come my love,dive deep inside me,
And make me forever thee.
Unite and form a bond so strong,
I trust with you nothing can ever go wrong.

Two hearts hug and kiss each other,
Lovemaking of minds with one another
Bathing into the purity of soul so divine,
All I now want you to be spiritually mine.


Some things leave it unsaid,
Till you are gone and dead.
For they stay with us forever,
Unforgettable now or never.

The silent gaps filled with voices,
Unsaid,unheard,but make so many noises.
We long forever to hear them out,
Arouses our curiosity and doubt.

Some emotions unexpressed with these unsaid words,
Some feelings died before they ever could be heard,
All say to speak your heart out,and clear all fuss,
But I feel things left unsaid stays forever with us.



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