Monday, July 10, 2017




Blind in the acutely dark wisdom of the cemented sea
Charcoal nature - naturalistic, wayward, free flowing like wines from the past

A pearl legend, a jam-packed hall of audience in fame

Stealing flight from the rarest of the species
Bleeding birds of hope
High ranged following the collapse
This full-bodied seductress
Secretive in lame assumptions
Crippled and hazy, uninterrupted like challenging woods in grief

Caged in the white house of pain
This rock band of waves
Battering winds on the widest paths
Thrashing weeds ,lowering the deepest of the grounds

This piece of old harmonica
This kit of paisley art

Fresh like the idea of warm blood
Stealthily it screamed a loud roar in my life
Countering everything that was broadly welcomed in the upcoming days without mind
Cutting wildest dreams
Forsaken in numberless deaths
Lost in thousand lives
Carried by not a single shoulder
As the course of the day suddenly flourished into the belongings of a martyr night

But it came...
From somewhere
One day when I recalled
Love, the suspect and the pardoned

A silent note
Like extreme fog

COPYRIGHT : Sanaa Uppal


All I can remember is nothing
And darkness !
No peaks or ranges
But the fall
Pure fall

A moment fully equipped and awake

I met no one but nature inside out
Following and preceding
That high !

I did nothing
But collide and generate
In the momentum and the pace

The grand destruction in the making

All I can remember is the orderly scatter
The innumerable pieces
The uncountable me
In that fall

I did not breathe
I knew not how to !
I was there out of nothing
Peculiar I was
In the fall

I found nothing but pure matter
As all emanated from me
The colors, the depth, the linear and the spiral
Everything rising as well as floating
Just a relic of the spark in the fall

All I can remember is...
It doesn't have a face

COPYRIGHT: Sanaa Uppal


You cannot deliberate it because it is a flow having its own beginning
Uninterrupted and unintended

Unsettling and monotonous
Sometimes intruding and accommodating

Because it springs from where you think you can reach that stillness and touch it like rouge

You are the only one in the great flow
The endless one

Like a silent caravan
Like a gorgeous stream carrying autumn leaves
Together with the relics of strings, feathers, beads and nets

You are looking for your own reflection
A mirror that can make you whole

For another tomorrow
Flowing eternally


SANAA UPPAL: Born and brought up in the golden city of Amritsar (punjab, India), Sanaa Uppal has been constantly inspiring those avid readers with her works which are known as the beautiful blend of beauty and profundity. With a philosophical bent of mind , her poetry revels the moments of sadness and bliss, of togetherness and eternity, regarding life as its spontaneous flow. However the interdependence and conflicting nature of reality and imagination, the resultant contradictions and obscurities makes it an extremely complex but potently interesting read.

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