Monday, July 10, 2017




Every mood, each moment
They are clinging to
The tiny palate of Heart’s Colorbox
I’ m bewildered by
Their artful innocence
No naiveness, only neatness
Transparent I can see through
Little and loud notes
Sprinkle they off and on
Inner eyes of heart comprehend
Yet I never go furious
As I see pure souls raising
Soon they mingle, mix
And matching my arm’s canvas
I feel no less than
A blessed master mother on earth
With smiles I rove my love brush
On their faces and bodies
Unreasonably I have realized
That my world would have been
Colourless and grey
Had I not got the company
Of these two Ace Artists!!
Life’s blank palate has contained
Crimson care colour to crave for...


Thundering anger notes
When played so pointlessly
Pierce me into pieces
I get scattered inside my soul
Going silent to stare at
The pleasing pool of passions in plenty

I stop and distinctly observe
Though colourless to all eyes
Yet colouring my life concretely
At the bottom I find affection
Cemented into its roots perhaps
Overflowing love and countless acre
Converts its merry mood
Into a moody and mardy monsieur

I’m taken aback also
As used to its often cool
Even I go hot tempered
Frowning at this fountain
I too play shrill notes
At heart lover of melodies
Gradually understanding hot flushes
Swing I back to affection arm-chair
I sink down there
Making myself calm and lovely calm


One fine evening brought
Two of them together
Many talks they exchanged normally
Many walks they planned
Time seemed like a forgotten fact

Their togetherness let them lock
The outer world out outstandingly
Inside were mellowing two
Melting mates for each other
They drowned deep with desire
Dragging their dynamic selves
Out of defensive worldly designs
Now was forever now
Ever would be the same now

Swore they many vows
Under the sheet of skins
Tore they all troubling taboos
Going beyond time’s age
Earthly evils existed no more
And their souls swung divinely
Inseparable they two were
Fixed so very fortunately

Lovers meet and depart
They come near and go far
But this serious special
Pair of lovers got a sizzling story
Of their own with no bands at the backdrop
They would hum, sing and spread
Their love- so special, so selective

Neetu Vaid Sharma is a poetess from Jalandhar City, India. Being a passionate poet and loving person, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her book “PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS”. She has penned around two hundred poems to her credit. Though she had tried her hand in short story writing and handful of essays; her crowning taste lies in poetry genre only.