Monday, July 10, 2017




While waiting for the milk to come to a boil,
I took hold of a newspaper to pace with the time.
The mention of countries possessing nuclear weapons astounded me,
The pride and the hefty currency spent on it was really pesky.

Sharp stones, swords,guns and bombs had been invented and used,
The service of nuclear arms will also not be refused.
The Nuclear Winter will chill the survivors to such an extent,
No place and no living being will be left to lament.

The world is already simmering with the befoulment of the air and the relation,
The boilers of more ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ will burn down every proud  nation.
In the name of competition, ego and fame which is all a fiction,
The developments of man is leading him towards his own destruction.

The milk did not fall down as I switched off the gas in time,
With the hope that the wise will forehear the suicidal nuclear chime.


With purse and packets,
I went to pursue the materialistic happiness,
And bought a costly light green laced saree,
Chocolate pasteries, a beautiful  pair of white stiletto,
And many more such needful-now but useless-later items.
But very soon my aching body did not pair up with the wishful  heart,
And resulted in fatigue and complaints.

After an hour or so,
Of exhibiting those things to others at home,
I did not delay to sprawl on the friendly bed,
The eye- lids stopped palpebrating, the limbs took a break,
The thoughts competing with the wind flew hither and thither.
The mind tranquiled relishing the striking beauty of heaven,
And the cheery faces of angels lodging in there.

I trodded towards two of them,
Who were sitting with the hoarding ‘Shop at Your choice’,
On enquiring about it, their answer was thus:
“The products are happiness, peace, love, good health etc and the price is good deeds
The more good one is, the longer these stay in one’s life.”
The priciness of the merchandise astounded me heavily; however,
I resolved to shop more of these invaluables from the heaven thenceforth.


What is your contribution O Florae to other living beings?
We provide them oxygen, food, clothing,medicenes,fuels,flowers etc
And help in balancing the environment
By influencing the rainfall, humidity and temperature.
In reciprocation we only use up some sunlight and water.

How do you Faunae show your love?
We provide them food, leather, oils, faithful services etc
And help in preserving the Nature
By living in a natural way.
In exchange we only consume some foliage and unvigilant beasts.

And what have you Human gifted back?
We provide them habitats like sanctuaries, acquariums,cages,botanical gardens etc
And help them in being properly used up
By unceasingly experimenting on them.
In return we only extinct some species and engender warming the globe.

I, the Earth, was happy indeed to see
My  three children live in unity, love, inter-dependancy and helpfulness
But now as Human is bent on wrecking up the whole house ,
My dear Flora and Fauna, PLEASE
Cope up forgivingly with the innocent ruthlessness of him .


NAME-NEELAM KANDOI: She hails from a small village named Rupaidiha, near Nepalgunj border in Uttar Pradesh, India. Her interest in English developed because of her ideal English teacher cum Principal, Mrs Jenny Ramble. At present she is working as an English teacher in St Joseph’s School,Gorakhnath,Gorakhpur. She loves children and it is one of her students who developed her interest in writing. Her policy of life is, ‘Be happy and grateful’.Her Country of origin-India. Her Mother Language- Hindi. Her Nationality- Indian. She lives in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Marital status- Married Her Hobbies- Reading moral stories.

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