Monday, July 10, 2017




With its familiar sound and computerised voice
he said
‘I believe the increasing risk of being wiped out
is high.’
The renowned theoretical physicist with brilliant brain in
his head
said, ‘Disaster, sudden nuclear war or asteroid strike from
the sky,

or climate change, a genetically engineered virus and
over population
could mean Humankind has no future if we don’t forge new life
in space.
With technological possibilities of plasma rockets and
human hibernation,
we have about 100 years if we want to survive, we need
to embrace

the ability to free ourselves from the constraints of a
dying planet,
or we will watch its cataclysmic end as we continue
to devour
the resources from this ball of basalt rock
and granite
our mass extinction grows closer hour
by hour.

Mother Earth is ending our tenancy and
calling time.
We humans are fundamental particles of nature, a
mere collection,
the unsustainable rate at which we plunder
is a crime,
is this the final preparation before
our rejection?

But we will not be able to establish yet or
self sustain
colonies in space for approximately 100 years
at least,
therefore we should be so careful in this period
and refrain
from our continued aggressive behaviour, it should
be ceased.

Coupled with the fast pace of technological growth we
may obliterate
ourselves by nuclear or biological war and our
impending doom,
for all nations to form one world government’s too late,
our fate
is becoming increasingly precarious, may this planet not become
our tomb.

The development of Artificial Intelligence could spell
the end,
the daunting challenge for us is two fold as
we create
technology to enable us to leave our earth behind and
to ascend,
the peril that may be unleashed as

We’re already developing battlefield robots to make the
killing decision,
without the need for humans being involved in
the loop,
how long before a thinking machine masters and has
the vision
to become self protective and leave humankind out of
its group.

So depart we must with this current rise
in robotics
as humans we are limited by our slow
biological evolution,
we are responsible for creating the demise
of antibiotics
and our hopeless ability to end
our pollution

Let us hope we have time enough for science
to achieve
the ability for our species to escape this world and
to address
the daunting challenge ahead of us as we plan
to leave.
The countdown’s started,  Farewell Mother Earth, sorry for
the mess.’


The water lapped gently at the gold shoreline
sparkling as the sun lit it’s surface,
the sand was washed, it was soft and fine,
as they stood in Summer’s warm embrace.

The seabirds swirled in the breeze above their heads,
silhouetted against the azure blue of the sky,
the waves spread seaweed out like threads
washing strands ashore, where it was left to dry.

It was an idyllic scene and a perfect day
as they stood together, hand in hand
in the warm air, just beyond the sea spray
with their bare feet in the soft yellow sand.

But here lurked an invader that lived in the sea
that was challenging nature with its size,
it lured in creatures, that sheltered secretly
out of the sight of large predators eyes.

Mussels, anemones, clams and seaweed
gathered in the depths by this enemy,
innocently together, as they came to feed,
on this ominous foe with its coat of debris.

This adversary though, did not itself decide,
to violate the ocean and take control,
as it lethally spread itself in the tide,
it had no motive or clandestine goal.

Trapped in a vortex, in the ocean’s waves
swaths of plastic spun, where the winds converge
circling and menacing, the blameless it enslaves
with its evil grasp, to then submerge

into the depths like pepper in a stew
in the water column, it hung suspended,
increasing in size, this monster grew,
its lethal reach becoming extended,

as another refuge truck of plastic is dumped.
And every minute of every single day,
into the sea it’s thoughtlessly pumped
and soon it will outweigh

the fish population in a matter of years.
Our shameless disposal of our disgusting waste
should bring all of humankind to tears
and for our negligence, we should be disgraced.

Our irresponsible, rabid, plastic consumption
on our health, is having an impact,
but we carry on polluting with our stupid assumption
there is no problem, let’s not overreact!

Every piece of plastic that’s ever been made
since the early nineteenth century’s still here,
do we not think that we have totally betrayed
our planet that we should all hold so dear?

And now it has entered our very food chain
we should all be filled with concern,
as we are now consuming fish that contain
plastic and we’re at the point of no return.

The world’s oceans are drowning in our waste,
do we think that this will all disappear,
this is a problem that we have never faced
and it will be here for hundreds of years.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even heart disease
can be caused by plastic in our meals,
as we continue unabated to pollute the blue seas
this sickening dilemma relentlessly steals

our paradise that we are here to safeguard.
Over ninety percent of seabirds, have in their gut
plastic from our watery junk yard,
we must stop our addiction to plastic now,


the greatest threat to our planet is our belief
that someone else will save it,
will we watch it all through the tears of grief
and as guardians we are so unfit.

Their empty bottle lay on the wave lapped scree
as they turned to leave the gold sands,
the sky was blue above the turquoise sea
and they’d finished topping up their tans.

Just one little bottle won’t make any odds
is probably what they were thinking,
let’s face it, it’s in the lap of the gods
and they left paradise unblinking!


In England’s green and pleasant land
a situation has got out of hand,
air pollution’s reached an all time high
with poisonous, particulates, in our sky.
Our filthy air, is now a crisis for health,
but this hasn’t crept up with stealth.

With our diesel cars and use of fossil fuels,
children are banned, in our schools
from the playgrounds, by the busy roads
where dirty trucks, with their heavy loads
and idling engines, whilst parents wait
to collect their kids, outside the school gate.

Via Public Health England, we’ve been advised
to avoid strenuous activity, or our health’s compromised,
as London’s toxic air, has now breached
the legal limits for the year, it reached
within the first five days of 2017
Nitrogen Dioxide levels, are quite obscene.

They’re pollution alerts, at bus stops and roadsides
and river pier stops, as Nitrogen Dioxide
fills the air, that we all inhale,
this requires a solution, on a national scale.
Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor’s vision
has advised, that he, has made a decision

to make London, one of the world’s most clean
and for our future, we must go green.
He wants to make, cycling, an easier choice
and introduce clean buses and also to voice
concerns about Heathrow’s third runway
and to start to bring back, the car free day.

He’d like to make the capital, the first National Park City,
as to deprive our kids of space, is a real pity
and to use planning powers against Fracking, to prevent
all the pollutants, that with it, are sent.
But this is not just a problem for the UK,
other countries, must also have their say

in how we stop, this global pollution,
we must work together, to find a solution.
Cities in China, environmentalists have fears
that to bring levels down, will take many years,
but in Paris, they have already begun to see
that when levels are high, public transport is free

and Freiburg, in Germany, has gone so far
as to forbid, its people, to park a car
and encourage them to use, electric buses to get home
and leave their vehicles, outside the low emission zone.
Oslo, is building forty miles of new bike lanes
and authorities in Zurich, are using their brains

by capping the number of parking places
and Helsinki’s converting its ring roads, into green spaces.
Delhi is considering, on demand mini buses,
whilst others like Brussels and Dublin, discusses
plans on banning diesel cars from their highways,
let’s hope this all starts, a great global craze.

So we must stop this perverse, fixed incentive
for the purchase of diesel cars and be more inventive
and encourage the use, of alternative means
for our daily transportation, in our machines
and with other measures, we can assist
in helping this planet, where we all exist.

It shouldn’t be too hard, to come to grips
with thinking ‘greener’ and consolidate trips,
for work or shopping, we could use a car pool,
which would save us money and certainly save fuel.
Simple measures, like keeping our car tyres inflated,
as carbon emissions are higher, when they’re slightly deflated.

We could use cold water, instead of using hot,
I agree, this alone, will not be a lot,
but if we use, water based paints, means we produce less oil
and we plunder less resource, from the earth’s soil.
We should buy, EPA certified, stoves that burn wood
and to reduce, reuse and recycle, which would be good.

If current policies carry on, the world will exceed
levels of greenhouse gases, through our ignorance and greed
and air pollution, will be a bigger killer, than dirty water
and poor sanitation, think of the millions, it slaughters
and our health will be harmed, by each year’s delay,
surely humanity, doesn’t want our children’s children to pay


COHL WARREN-HOWLES: She lives in Stratford upon Avon, England and has a blog called Currently in Rhyme, where she covers events across the world, in rhyme.  She has written a book entitled The Silent Scream, which is about ALS/MND.  Her mother language is English.

Present happenings, in the nations of our time
Realist, idealist, she puts her thoughts in rhyme.
In this world of changes, that moves so very fast
She tries and capture things before they have passed.

Her interests are varied, but just to name a few
Her words in her posts, will also give a clue.
She’s a fan of Eckhart Tolle and the words of Mervyn Peake
And current world affairs, of which she will speak.

She loves stone circles and places in history
The Law of Attraction and things of mystery.
She’s a lover of images, especially black and white
But it’s the current world affairs, of which she writes.

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