Monday, July 10, 2017




know where they get that phrase?
let me tell you!

it began at the beginning of time
Eve needed someone to talk to
she had children of course
but along the way
she somehow had a woman friend

now back then they didn't say 'sister'
but she surely knew the feeling
of love, compassion and understanding
and just as all of us women do...
Eve needed someone to talk to
and to listen to her heart
time flew by and then came the day
another woman entered Eve's life
she was fair (as we now say beautiful)
and she had a very gentle heart
and caring as well as friendly

she sat down beside Eve
and they talked for hours
as if they knew each other all their lives

Eve never experienced such a feeling
but she was eternally grateful
for the woman God put in her life
and that had become more than just a friend
there was a special bond between the two
and they celebrated with dancing and song
and the spirits lifted to the skies
as Adam and other men looked on in awe

and you, My Friend, are just like her
a sister to my heart
and so much more than just a friend
you mean the world to me
and I want you know
just exactly the way Eve felt....

I love you

thus, became Sisterly Love


many nights I've lain and cried
wondering if anywhere
I truly belonged
was there a place out there
even under an apple tree
where I could sing my song

I desire to sing unto the skies
raise my voice to those nearby
but no one seemed to listen
my heart grew dim, weary
discouraged for far too long
loneliness ever graven

forthwith came a few ladies
walking along the way
saw me, reached out a hand
they were so unlike
anyone I've ever known
one spoke, ''I understand''

I rose from beneath the skies
my voice sailed in the clouds
white, pure and amongst the blue
I was no longer alone
things were so different
words of love poured out so true

all I can do is smile and give
thanks to all those ladies
that took me in - a lonely lamb
you've made a difference for me
made my world much brighter
love and peace is now who I am


you never know what tomorrow brings
that saying I've proved o'er and o'er again
we cannot foretell the next few moments
we can only tell wherever we've been

but the most amazing thing about it all
unexpected blessings light our way
I'm thankful to be a single witness
rather by night or be it by day

unexpected blessings bestow upon us
I feel the presence of pure glory
of all the tales one has to recite
that kind can make the best story

unexpected blessings surround us
we are fortunate, though we don't always know
I just want to shout ''Hallejuah!''
and be thankful as the blessings bestow


DEBBIE EMBREY is English spoken, and lives in Kentucky, USA. She is great grandmother of three, and she has written 2 books: Petie, the Mischievous Pup The Heart's Treasures. She has also co-written ''Sweet Serenity'' with the wonderful poetess and author, Deborah Brooks Langford. Her dedication of poetry goes to her family and friends, however the gift of poetry she gives to God.

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