Monday, July 10, 2017




Look at the glowing golden Sun
Brightens up the world with radiant beam
Never stops his shine even for fun
Ever stands as a leader of the team
Feeling the radiance of his lovely hues
My heart is filled with greater joys
The light rays said in lovely voice
Roads to reach the goals are hard
Never think from it a yard
Life is not a funny game
Every moment is challenge to tame
Wisely choose the future road
Expand your horizon much more broad
But you are my only lovely son
Born to reach the height of the sun
Patience is the key to win
Tolerance will take you far from sin
Always keep the spirits up
Success would surely round you up!
Copyright reserved @ Rekha Mandagere


Poisoned arrows
Lethal weapons
Nuclear explosives
Harmful bacteria
Dreadful diseases
Wild beasts of nature
Infra, ultra radiation
Whirlpools, gigantic whales and sharks
Forest fire, the wild dance of Tsunami
By instinct we perceive all this as curse to humanity
And at once turn ourselves from its cruel vicinity

But why do we become hapless victims to-
The cruel looks of so called relatives
Deceiving husbands
Faithless wives
Villainous friends
Murderous mother of Hamlet
Jealous dughters of Lear
Selfish children
Corrupt officials
Killing doctors
Unlawful judges
Immoral teachers
Rotten politicians
Like chemical bonds  encircling our precious lives
Disintegrating mental ability, each smiles
No doubt, they shamelessly swallow humanity
Oh mother earth, save life from this banal cruelty!
Copyright reserved @ Rekha Mandagere


Gods can’t be everywhere
So born holy mothers are
The sole embodiment of spirit
Always honored, high in their merit
Ever loving, compassionate friend
Whose noble endurance knows no end.
Lively spirit lovingly cares to take all pains
Sufferings, hardships smilingly for no gains
Embraces, comforts, and inspires one to face
The life’s challenges with restraint and peace!
Moral supporter, guide and symbol of fertility
Ensures safety for entire humanity!

If great mother Kali frightened injustice
And Mother Mary sacrificed Jesus for Justice
Who can forget mother Yashoda of Sri Krishan
So also Mother Anjali of   Lord Hanuman
For their great love not only for their sons
But to free the entire race of humans and Gods
Don’t we honour their love for mankind?

If the same mothers of our nations
Could widen their narrow horizons
And look at others’ babies as theirs’
Free from feelings of caste and Creed
And thoughts of being low or high
And come smilingly forward
To give solace and love to the tired
Bones of the loveless and the abandoned
Then the world around looks to everyone
Much brighter and hopeful
And none left behind as hapless orphans
Every son and daughter born gets a gentle mother
And mothers in turn, .a spectrum of lovely children!



REKHA MANDAGERE wife of Prof.T.K. Sathyanarayana Murthy and mother of T.S. Suchinth living in Bangalore, India and also travel to US extensively. She has done masters  in 1.English Literature  2. Teacher Education and  has worked as a Teacher Educator in B.T.L. College of Education, Bangalore University. She conducted Seminars, Community Living Camps and educational tours. She loves reading, music, writing poetry and social work. She has travelled extensively in US. Her poems on various topics are already published in International Anthology of poetry series 'THE ART OF BEING HUMAN' and also in THE GUST OF WITS. Her poem on Shakespeare was also published in an International Anthology SHAKESPEARE SINGS released at Farook Autonomous College, Kozikode. She has done collaborative writing 'Brodacia' with a Malaysian writer. She's  honoured to be one among 36 writers who contributed for OPA in your last published Special anthology for establishing peace and harmony by defeating Racism. Her next set of 3 poems are also published in OPA November 2016 web Journal. And Recently her poems were published in OPA in May Special edition for Asian writers.

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