Monday, July 10, 2017




The bird sings my song,
Every morning at dawn
When the buds begin- To form
On the trees, through
The April rains.
The melody rises, with
The hues of the East
Sun’s horizon.
A soft breeze blows, as
The tree’s leaves dance
To the bird’s serene tune-
Into the May of Spring- A spring:
Of life
Of contentment
Of thankfulness.
Recognition- Is found,
Every dawn
As the East horizon brightens
The day…
Cycling the song,
Revealing that I belong
To nature’s melody that is played.
©Stacia Lynn Reynolds


She lights up the darkness
With her melody.
The barren surroundings
Await her grace,
And longs
For her music in the night.
Her being lingers
With each step
Through the ravenous forest,
Casting a night glow
Upon the path.
A brilliant glimmer
Of incandescent light,
Aluminates tiny flowers
Like the finest diamonds.

She is a creature of comfort
Between the setting
And the rising
Of the sun.
Providing peacefulness
During the black clouds
Of midnight.
A hope when perception
Is obscure.

Her melody
Is filled
With solace compassion,
Bringing repose
To the torment
Of the surrounding darkness.

She is the radiant angel of the night…
©Stacia Lynn Reynolds


Green grass grows underneath the tree below,
Fed by sunlight that peeks through its strength.
Cohabitation of beauty,
Reveals the relationship of stable nature.
One may see abstract meaning at its view,
And others observe nature’s design.
Perceived as illusion to self may be,
Or through state of being others perceive.
The mind holds dear the relationship here,
The covering protection of its life.
They protect each other, with their cover.
Through the winds and rain, dauntless remain.

STACIA REYNOLDS is an Independent Contracting Editor and Freelance Writer, Poet, and the Published Author of Escape Down the Roman Road, A Poetic Journey Through Life, and is also published in various group poetry collections. She is also on the Editorial Team of “Our Poetry Archive.” Stacia began her English degree at Owens Community College, continued her BA in English through the University of Phoenix. She is now finishing a degree in Biblical Studies, through Ohio Christian University. She is 43 years old, a follower of Christ Jesus, whose life’s goal is to encourage others with her words. Her book Escape Down the Roman Road is available at WestBow Press, Amazon, Books A Million, and Barnes and Noble. Her poetry book, A Poetic Journey Through Life is available at and Amazon. “Our Poetry Archive” can be accessed at

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