Monday, July 10, 2017




Squeezed my quality
And drunk in his self
I'm on platform
Not for suicide,
Why men are to be here
Nd me on ladle
Ash my quality nd eaten
Is it surrounding leading way !
©®surbhi anand.


You know,
Here is much smile
Giving me teasly wine
Nd awkward tips
That, yes! You are girl!
Am I coin the pockets of men?
He is hot pursuiting on my wall
A lopsided smile given a splash
What happened?
Why are you in red !
©®surbhi anand.


People says
That, she's too ambitious(negatively)
Why me, not you?
Ooo!you are in man sleeve so...
But sorry,
Me have perceptions for all nearly,
So used to be resolve,
Now to be
And have been mushroom-growth !

1 comment:

  1. Perfectly human

    You are certainly supposed to be
    Very much independent and free
    Airing views about anything under sky
    You are at full liberty to try

    Poetry is god gift
    Not all can shift it often
    It is passion
    And really strengthens human relation

    It may not sound
    When you air it around
    People may like or even discourage
    But you think hard and manage

    The tide may turn
    And return
    Your glory in time with space
    You are in this case

    Man or woman
    Speak as perfect human
    Some might have not experienced
    And some might have been constantly exposed